Keyword Ranking API (SERPs)

Get access to all the SERPs data in one API. Our SERPs API returns nicely structured JSON data. We can optionally also return the SERP as compressed HTML – you can then store, digest and parse that file any way you like. This gives you great flexibility for querying Google exactly the way you want to.

This API is a proxy rotation API – this means that we don’t supply you with IPs. We keep these private and secure. That way no one uses your IPs so you won't run the risk of getting blocked. Simply send all your traffic to a specific IP address and port that we give you.

Our SERPs API provides complete access to a search engine’s results page. This allows a user to collect any data they wish such as keyword rankings, PPC data, number of results, universal rankings and so on.

Find the API Documentation here.

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