Keyword Research

Enter up to 10 keyword terms in one go, select the country and language you are interested in and our platform will return a set of relevant keyword suggestions for you to target.

Unlimited Keyword Suggestions

Get up to 1,000 relevant suggestions for each term

Global Coverage

125mn commercial keywords in 26 countries and growing

Discover Keyword Gaps

We mine competing pages to find relevant missing keywords

Discover an easy way to find relevant keyword suggestions

For every keyword suggestion we return (where available):

  • User Intent
  • Tracked (Y/N – i.e. whether you’re currently tracking that keyword in your selected project)
  • The SERPs Features Google is displaying for each keyword
  • Top Ranking URL
  • Your Rank (your universal rank, if the primary domain on your project is ranking for this keyword)
  • Your Top Ranking URL (if you have selected one of your projects)
  • Average Search Volume
  • Average CPC ($)

Keyword Search Volumes

We automatically add estimated search volumes and CPC (Cost-per-click) to the keywords you research and track in the platform using a feed from Google AdWords.

User Intent

Our user intent algorithm analyses every keyword and returns a score for each of the following types of intent:

  • Navigational – The user is looking for a specific entity such as a company, a product, a social media account or a place.
  • Informational – The user is looking for facts and figures or researching terms with little or no commercial value.
  • Research (commercial) – The user is researching terms which have commercial interest and are likely to be higher up the buyer funnel.
  • Transactional – The user is narrowing their search criteria and looking to buy.

We give you a score across all categories and an overall Dominant User Intent flag.  We also have a flag showing whether there is Local Intent for a keyword

Read more about how our user intent algorithm for SEO works on the blog and our thoughts on this topic.

Universal Search Features

We track over 40 of the most important SERP features that Google displays in the SERPs.  These are really useful in helping you determine your SEO and keyword strategy.

Above the Fold
Answer Box – All
Answer Box – Table
Local Business Listing
People Also Search For
Refine By
Stock Prices
Travel Finder
Ads (Top & Bottom)
Answer Box – List
Flight Finder
Job Finder
Mobile Friendly
Research Guides
Related Searches
Super Universal
Answer Box – Paragraph
Currency Converter
Event Finder
Hotel Finder
Knowledge Panel
News (Top Stories)
People Also Ask
Sitelinks (AKA Brand)

Universal Search Features

You can filter the resulting list of suggestions through the use of a number of filters:

  • Keyword
  • User Intent (N,I,R,T)
  • Tracked
  • SERPs Features
  • Top Ranking URL
  • Your Rank
  • Your Ranking URL
  • Search Volume
  • CPC ($)

Supported Countries & Languages

We support keyword research in 26 country and language combinations.  We are aiming for global coverage and will be adding more countries in the near future.

  • Argentina (ES)
  • Australia (EN)
  • Belgium (FR)
  • Brazil (PT)
  • Canada (EN)
  • China (ZH)
  • Denmark (DA)
  • Finland (FI)
  • France (FR)
  • Germany (DE)
  • Ireland (EN)
  • Italy (IT)
  • Japan (JA)
  • Netherlands (NL)
  • New Zealand (EN)
  • Norway (NO)
  • Poland (PL)
  • Portugal (PT)
  • Russia (RU)
  • Singapore (EN)
  • South Africa (EN)
  • Spain (ES)
  • Sweden (SV)
  • Switzerland (DE)
  • Switzerland (FR)
  • United Kingdom (EN)
  • United States (EN)

FAQs about Keyword Research

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