Keyword Research & Rankings


Automated Keyword Insights

We have pulled together the raw data and the tools to give you real keyword intelligence. Using our unique IntelliTraffic algorithm we can offer you an elegant solution to the ‘Not Provided’ problem.

We can estimate your keyword visits on a daily basis to help you understand which keywords are generating site visits and whether your content marketing activities are attracting the right audience.

Discover your rankings on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu and Yandex across desktop (Mac or PC), tablet (Android or iPad) and mobile (Android or iPhone)

Keyword Visits

Recover ‘Not Provided’ organic keyword visits

Our study of nearly 4,000 sites showed that on average 84% of a site’s keyword data is now ‘(Not Provided)’.

If you are serious about investing in growing your web presence through SEO and content marketing then you cannot fly blind.  You need to understand whether your efforts are paying off and attracting the right audience and you need to understand which keywords will give you the best return on your efforts.

Our proprietary IntelliTraffic algorithm gives you these unique keyword insights that your web analytics software is missing!

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Keyword Rankings

Accurate, reliable local rankings anywhere in the world

Our web-based platform can check an unlimited number* of keywords in the major search engines in over 90 countries. You no longer need a separate keyword ranking tool or have to worry about your IP address getting blacklisted.

We even show you a screenshot of the actual results page from Google so you can double-check your position. You can group keywords, sort, filter and organize them just the way you desire .

* Keyword rank check allowances vary by package (1 keyword rank check is 1 keyword check in 1 search engine every week).  You can add up to 20 search engines per campaign.

Let’s explore your rankings


Keyword Research

Automate your keyword research process

We help you find the very best long tail keywords by researching data from your site, your competitors’ sites, your web analytics software, your PPC campaigns, Google Webmaster Tools, Google and Bing suggest. We then check your rank for each new keyword we find and get the estimated search volume and competition, giving you the means to determine the best keywords to target.

We even have automated filters setup to help you find the keywords with the greatest potential.


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Universal Search

Search is no longer just about those 10 blue links

Dominate the search results by going beyond ranking for organic results. Find the keywords that generate Universal Search results and optimize the content with the best chance of ranking for Places, Images, Video, Authors and so on.

Find which Authors are writing about relevant topics and which sites they contribute to.

Global, local, mobile and universal rankings in over 100 countries. Daily, weekly or on demand via our API


Advanced Keyword Analysis

Data Junkies will love this

SEO professionals who just want to have every last bit of data at their disposal can take a (really) deep dive into keyword analytics. If it’s all just a bit much for you, then of course you can stick to the top-level summaries!

Data available for each Keyword includes;

Keyword: Brand Keyword, Word Count, Keyword Group, Source, Date Created.

Analytics: Organic Visits, Organic Conversions, Organic Revenue, Landing Pages, Target URL, PPC Visits, PPC Conversions, PPC Revenue.

Ranking: Organic Rank, Best Rank, Campaign Start Rank, Initial Rank, Rank Change From Initial Ranking URL.

Universal Search: Universal Rank, Universal Rank Change, Video Rank, Image Rank, Shopping Rank, Places Rank, Books Rank, News Results, Search Box, More Results, Site Links, Breadcrumbs, Authorship, Universal Order.

Keyword Potential: Competition, Search Volume, CTR%, Competition (Manual), Search Volume (Manual), CTR% (Manual), Visits Rank 1, Visits Rank 5, Visits Rank 10, Conversions Rank 1, Conversions Rank 5, Conversions Rank 10, Difficulty.


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Keyword Potential

Find the low-hanging fruit

We give you enough data to drown in, but we also give you insights too. If you just want to go for the quick easy wins then use our Keyword Potential feature to find the keywords that will give you the best incremental traffic increases if you can improve your rank to 10th, 5th or 1st position.

We also take this a step further and look at conversions as well as PPC keywords you should be targeting for your natural search campaigns and vice-versa.


Competitive Rankings

Uncover the movers and shakers in your niche

Compare how you are ranking for your target keywords against your closest competitors. Each SEO campaign on the platform allows you to track up to 5 competitors in 4 search engines.

Want to track more competitors? Then simply just add a new campaign for free.


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Keyword Ranking Summaries

The C-Level Keyword Summary your CEO is after

A quick no nonsense summary of your keyword performance in the search engines. For each target search engine the table shows you how many keywords you have at Position 1, 2-5, 6-10, 11-20, etc.

You can break this down further by branded vs. non-branded keywords and by search engines to see how you have improved since you started your SEO campaign.

Find out how our big data-powered solutions can help your enterprise

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