SEO Link Building and PR Outreach Management

SEO and PR teams can coordinate, cooperate and communicate better with an in-built link building campaign manager and contact management (CRM) system.

Discover Influencers in your niche

Find authors and websites that are ranking well for thousands of relevant keywords and link to your competitors

Find Link Opportunities and Track Links

Automate competitive link analysis and tracking

Centralise your Outreach database

One central CRM for your key contacts and websites

Links are still a ranking factor

Building high quality relevant links to your site is still critical in maintaining competitiveness.  The Authoritas platform has the tools and data you need to:

  • Analyse competitors’ links
  • Import links you have worked in another system 
  • Get Majestic and social metrics to help you ascertain whether a site will bring real visitors as well as SEO value
  • Create and assign tasks so your outreach team can coordinate efforts and keep track
Link Building and Outreach Tools

What are the 4 Steps to Successful SEO Outreach?

  1. Find Influential People and Websites
  2. Compile your own CRM for your SEO & PR teams
  3. Run Outreach Campaigns
  4. Track Link Building Success

You’ll find tools and data to support these essential business processes in the Authoritas platform.

Find domains Authoritas link building module

Find Influential People and Websites

Entity Search uncovers the people behind the content that ranks.

26 Countries >30mn Influencers >125mn Keywords

  • Find the leading magazines, websites and influential sites in your industry
  • Search our database of over 30mn Influencers in 26 countries
  • See how they rank from our commercial keyword database of >125mn keywords
  • Search by multiple keywords that are relevant to your niche
  • Refine by specific domains to find influencers for key titles
  • Add them to the in-built CRM database

FAQs about Link Building

Can we help?

If you are interested in trying these SEO tools for your sites, then please book a brief call with one of our platform experts to explore whether we have what you need.

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