Managing the links to your website is still an important factor in improving visibility, and with this section of the platform you can easily identify influential, relevant and authoritative sources, discover who’s linking to your competitors, and see who in your industry has been publishing the content that attracts the most backlinks. This information can be used to build valuable new links, ultimately driving more traffic to your own sites.

Majestic data integration

  • We take SEO link data from Majestic (https://, then recrawl and analyze, validate and categorize it with our own metrics to give you unrivaled proprietary link data, essential for serious SEO projects.
  • Users can also map trends, using the Timeline feature:
    • How your backlink profile has changed over time.
    • Which websites, website types, and authors
    • Timelining can help users identify recent, trending backlinks, which can be far more interesting and useful from an SEO perspective than historical totals.

Research link prospects

  • Identify bloggers and writers to reach out to when promoting content during campaigns.
  • Research an unlimited number of sites that might link to you
  • Filter the results by social media metrics and Majestic trust and authority metrics to find the most authoritative sites with real users you can engage
  • Use the Authoritas project management tools to focus your team doing your outreach on the highest quality link opportunities.

Competitor Backlink Analysis

  • Compare and contrast your link growth versus your closest competitors
  • Track up to 5 competitors per campaign
  • Find good quality link partners who link to more than 1 of your competitors
  • Find link partners using anchor text or country
  • Keep track of your competitors so when they publish new content that has a significant impact on the number of their backlinks you can gain some insights into what is working well for them
  • Understand the competitive gap in terms of number and quality of links and unique referring domains
  • Get a realistic picture of what you are up against and how this picture is changing over time
  • Links from questionable sources are treated as untrusted by Google and other search engines, carrying the risk of a significant reduction in rank.
  • Obtain the full details of your top 50,000 backlinks (you can request more) and the top 50,000 backlinks for up to 5 competitors per SEO campaign

Link Building

  • Analyze competitor links using the backlink tool
  • View common links shared between you and your competitors.
  • Identify any influential links that you may be missing, indicating that domain often references your market, or that a linking site has only a few strong but very relevant links, indicating a relatively untapped new opportunity.
  • Import links you have worked in another system or existing links from Google Search Console
  • Get Majestic and social metrics to help you ascertain whether the site will bring real visitors as well as SEO value
  • Create and assign tasks so your outreach team can coordinate efforts and keep track
  • Measure effectiveness by tracking link referrals, visits and conversions from links you have built

You’ll see a number here indicating any common links shared between you and your competitors. Hovering the mouse pointer over this number will show a list of the other competitors this domain links to. When viewing link data for a competitor, if one of their linking domains already links back to you, you’ll see the icon here as well.

You may discover that your competitors share an influential link that you’re missing, indicating that domain often references your market, or that a linking site has only a few strong but very relevant links, indicating a relatively untapped new opportunity. Either way, this is a great way to identify authors and domains worth your time and energy.

Link referrals

  • View at a glance which backlinks are actually bringing real visitors and conversions
  • Review the number of links from each referring site; and which links have been built during this campaign

Lost and new links


  • Keep tabs on links that are lost every week as well as the new ones earned.
  • Track site-wide links across all linking root domains
  • Filter links and linking domains by Trust Flow or Citation Flow score
  • Find links coming from countries or websites you may not expect or desire links from
  • Download the data on the fly to create a disavow file
  • Run weekly reports to ensure that you stay up-to-date with any issues




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