Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence, an enterprise-only feature in our new platform lets you leverage our unique big data and graph technology to analyze and segment your entire market. Glean unique algorithm insight and define your content marketing opportunities that will generate the best ROI. Benchmark your performance against your whole market and conduct keyword research so effortlessly you’ll never go back to how you used to do it.

Glean unique algorithm insight

The Market Intelligence section of our platform provides you with unique insight into how Google’s algorithm sees the relationships between sites, pages and keywords. It shows you how your site and content is performing in relation to the competition and where your best content publishing opportunities lie.

Track how content opportunities change over time

Identifying where you lie in the search engines in relation to your competition, what content from your competitor’s sites is ranking and where your most beneficial content publishing opportunities are shouldn’t be a one-off or an annual project. The websites that Google (and other search engines) love to love can change rapidly. And competitors’ content comes and go. This means that a thorough market analysis of content opportunities from six months ago is likely to produce significantly different results compared with the same analysis carried out more recently. We recommend using our Market Intelligence solution on an ongoing basis, using it to constantly reappraise your content marketing strategy.

Benchmark organic market share and growth

One of the biggest challenges that SEOs and content marketers face nowadays is how to measure their success over time. Seasonal changes in markets, imperfect attribution models, a continued lack of real understanding of the importance of SEO at C-level, as well as Google’s reluctance to assist with organic search performance, all lead to the need for improved performance benchmarking, something that our Marketing Intelligence solutions can certainly provide you with.

Find keyword opportunities from the top 100 sites

One of the limitations of the way that SEO is often done is the way that keywords are identified. Quite often target keywords are selected from a combination of the phrases that 2 or 3 leading competitors are currently ranking for alongside a few of Google’s related terms. But does that really suffice? From our research, no — not at all.

With our Market Intelligence solutions you can find opportunities from the top 100 sites in your industry. Compare these results with the keywords that you’ve already identified and we think that you’ll be staggered with the opportunities identified that you never even knew about.

Prioritize content marketing opportunities

Once you’ve identified tens of thousands of different keyword opportunities, they key is to prioritize the opportunities you need to focus on first. With Authoritas Market Intelligence you can quickly and easily identify clusters of keywords to focus on based upon projected ease of ranking, traffic volume and projected ROI.

Market Intelligence also helps you with:

  • Identifying which of your keyword phrases that you are currently ranking for require additional focus
  • Determining new keyword suggestions for existing pages
  • Deciding on optimum new content themes and ideas for your website

Note: At the moment our Marketing Intelligence solutions are only available on a limited basis, in the UK, the US and France. Other countries available on request. Request a demo to find out more.

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