‘(Not Provided)’ Insights

The Authoritas IntelliTraffic™ algorithm automatically estimates the ‘Not Provided’ keyword-level traffic you are receiving, replacing your previously available organic keyword referral data that you previously had in Google Analytics. The figures are estimated visits by keyword or keyword group over time and the algorithm uses a combination of analytics and Search Console data alongside our own traffic modeling.

Missing your keyword data?

Google dealt a blow to webmarketers by deciding to hide the vast majority of their organic search traffic keyword sources. This process began in 2011 and as of now the amount of traffic hidden is on average over 84% of total traffic. This has made it almost impossible for site owners and marketers to understand how their sites perform in Google because of the lack of keyword visit numbers and conversions — before IntelliTraffic™.

Bringing your ‘(Not Provided)’ keyword data back

Authoritas allows users to regain a lot of this data using a proprietary algorithm, IntelliTraffic™. We developed this algorithm in-house over a period of 6 months to provide users with the most complete solution possible. No data was spared; we managed to include every piece of useful data that we could possibly harvest into our algorithm. The IntelliTraffic™ algorithm will automatically discover the best way to estimate keyword visit data based on a number of variables such as date range, territory, keyword history, search volume trends etc.

IntelliTraffic™ — a summary

  • It’s (almost completely) automated – just configure it and wait for it to update
  • It’s configurable – we know SEOs are always arguing over things like CTRs
  • It can be used for competitive research – you can put any domain in and we can work off ranking data, CTRs and Search Volume to give you an idea of what keywords your competitors are attracting traffic for
  • It saves time in carrying out manual calculations and removes a large amount of guesswork
  • We will store the data for you – GSC doesn’t, so you don’t have to remember to download it every month or so
  • We can go back in time!!! – we can backdate your Google Analytics imports, go back and re-analyse them all and, if we have ranking data for that period (or you send us some ranking histories we can import), we can then estimate your keyword visits for each keyword over this period

What will this data allow marketers to do?

  • Understand and measure with great accuracy how keywords are performing in Google
  • Measure the effectiveness of online marketing campaigns
  • Benchmark and measure international organic traffic and rankings
  • Accurately measure content marketing activities
  • Discover which pages bring the most organic traffic
  • Get a much better understanding of which pages and keywords to invest time in

IntelliTraffic™ is currently available on our large Agency and Enterprise packages. Arrange a demo today and reclaim your keyword referral data!

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