Gain a Partner, Not Just Another Vendor

We’re not here to sell you SEO software. 

We’re here to offer you our SEO tools and data to grow your SEO agency.

For starters, we are putting our money where our mouth is and offering you a free Agency Partner account worth £3,600 per year (15 websites, 35,000 Keyword Rank Credits per month).

You can then use some of our advanced big data tools like Market Share and Content Strategy to produce insights that will give you an edge in competitive sales pitches.

In return, as a certified Agency Partner, we’d love you to recommend our business subscriptions to your clients and prospects (but seriously, only where it makes sense to do so).

For every referred client, you’ll earn 20% of the recurring revenues for their lifetime on the platform (even if you are no longer working with them)^.  Our business packages start at £99 per month and larger custom packages can cost in excess of £1,000 per month, so these referrals can build you a nice recurring income stream.

Joint Marketing Programme

We’ll also collaborate on joint marketing initiatives to help you increase awareness and drive lead generation including:

  • Case Studies
  • Joint webinars
  • Events

Why not take a look at the benefits we offer and then get in touch to discuss joining the programme?

Grow your agency with our support

We’re On Your Team

Discover a partner focused on helping you use our tech and data to grow your agency.

Free Agency Account

We give you a free Agency account worth £3,600 per year to start.

All-in-one SEO Platform

Professional quality, essential SEO tools and data wrapped up in one cloud based SaaS solution.

Develop New Services

How about offering multi-lingual keyword research and content strategy services?

Win More New Business

Improve your new business pitches with unique big-data insights.

Joint Marketing

Collaborate with us on industry reports, webinars and eBooks to generate leads.

Collaborate & Share Revenues

Keep 20% of your referred clients’ revenues or pass this on as a discount to them.

Unlimited Teams

We don’t charge for additional users.  Everyone on your team can use the platform for free.

SEO Success

Automate it all – crawling, ranking, research, backlinks and SEO reporting.  Achieve more SEO success in less time.

Get in touch and let's get started!

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^ Subject to the Authoritas Agency Partner Programme Terms and Conditions and Agency Partner Programme Policies and Rules.