Project Management

Effective SEO requires a focused, multi-disciplinary internal and possibly even external team. But it also requires effective project management – the Authoritas platform is a conduit to achieve this. View all automated and manually created tasks across all sites in one screen in the platform. Create custom tasks for all new sites to ensure your processes are being followed by your teams and assign tasks, record billable and non-billable hours, set priorities and track progress.

Ad-hoc or scheduled reports

The platform is flexible enough to allow you to run reports on the fly or to schedule unlimited reports on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. This leaves you more time to analyze and interpret the data and take the right course of action to drive growth in rankings, visits and online sales. You can even create custom reports and schedule them for future sending.

Task & time management

Everything your team needs to know can be stored and shared easily. Assign automated tasks, create custom tasks, assign items and set due dates. Manage campaigns, run scheduled reports, set campaign alerts and record notes. The Authoritas platform provides all you need to manage a successful campaign at your fingertips. It automatically reviews your website and creates colour-coded tasks for you to investigate and implement. You can add your team, your own customized tasks, set deadlines and record time spent on each item. We’ve adapted the classic time management technique from the Eisenhower matrix to give you an extremely effective visual method of focusing on what is important.

Quickly find the low-hanging fruit

Often, quite simple problems with your website can hold you back. Our platform automatically finds the highest priority tasks and displays them on a colour-coded importance/urgency grid so that you can determine what to focus on.

Get the ‘helicopter view’

Get the helicopter view of your site’s SEO performance. Effective inbound marketing requires the co-ordination, communication and co-operation of a multi-disciplinary team of internal and external marketers, designers, developers, copywriters, PRs and account managers. Now the whole team can get one consistent view of all the key performance indicators they need. After that you can view how your performance is progressing weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually and compare it to the comparable time last period or the same period last year.

Remote-team working

Are you managing multiple websites spanning many countries within an international team? Now the whole team can see how your sites are performing and can drill into what needs attention first. Let’s say there was a Google algorithm update last week; now you can look at key stats across all your websites in one place and see which sites have been impacted and need immediate attention, thus keeping all remote teams abreast of what’s happening.

Multi-site task management

Use the Authoritas platform to co-operate, co-ordinate and communicate across multiple sites and multiple teams. If you are juggling multiple tasks across lots of different websites with your internal and/or external team then you need to be on the ball! Our platform is unique in that it allows you to manage tasks across hundreds or even thousands of different sites. Save hours of time using bulk task assignment, setup your own recurring tasks for all new sites added to the system and schedule automated reports for all your sites to receive by email, just when you need them.

Great looking reports

Upload a PowerPoint template once, and we can automatically turn your Google Analytics and SEO data into a beautifully branded PowerPoint presentation that you can have emailed to you when you need it. Or upload your logo and get branded reports in PDF or Excel. Automatically create reports in a few minutes that used to take you hours.

Agency multi-site reporting

Multi-site reporting is just one of the many ways we’ve been working with agencies to help them improve their new business conversion rates and their operational efficiencies. As a Head of SEO or Marketing Director you will want to schedule regular reports showing you a quick summary of your key performance indicators for all your clients. Win more new business pitches by showing real proof of the results you have achieved for existing clients and use these reports to take immediate corrective action when there’s been an algorithm update and to analyze the performance of your whole SEO team.

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