Project Visibility

This modules builds on the free Visibility Explorer module to allow you to create a completely customised view of your marketplace.

Measure International SEO Performance

Track competitors and SEO results across any search engine in any country

Unrivalled Market Segmentation

Track your SEO Visibility in great detail with dynamic filtering

Data Flexibility

Tag and track keywords daily, weekly or monthly 

Site Wide or Folder Level Competitive Analysis


Automate international keyword research and competitive analysis.  Get unlimited competitor research and ranking data for any website, page or monitored/tagged keyword from your platform projects.

  • Filter by keyword tags to get a perspective on your performance for specific directories or folders of your website or groups of keywords
  • Filter by Universal Search results to see how you are performing for specific SERP features such as Featured Snippets
  • Benchmark yourself against your market the right way and compare a host of useful SEO KPIs;
    • Average Rank
    • Number of Keywords per Page
    • Number of Keywords
    • Number of Pages
    • Potential Visibility Score
    • Potential Visibility Value ($)
    • Visibility %
    • Visibility Index
    • Visibility Value ($)
List of top organic competitors

Competitor League Tables

Get C-level summary performance KPIs in an easy to use league table.

Filter by keyword tag to show how your performance is changing by market niche or segment.

All filtering is dynamic so summary stats are compiled in real-time in seconds for even the most complex queries.

Consolidate and Aggregate SEO Performance

A completely unique feature is the ability to group different websites together to understand their market share in your niche.  This is useful for aggregating organic performance for a specific group of websites, e.g.

  • Compare your sister websites together into one custom group and compare to a set of competitor sites or competitor groups
  • Assess the market share of your site combined with a network of partner sites
  • Understand the share affiliates have in your niche
  • Group different types of sites together to understand their share of your whole market or each niche, e.g. Aggregators, Brands, Affiliates, News, Social, Forums
Group and aggregate websites
Keyword Visibility by Tag Keyword Group

Market Segmentation - Customisation Options

For the majority of clients, the data is automatically imported into Project Visibility from their daily, weekly or monthly keyword ranking platform data displayed in the Keyword Ranking module.

For Enterprise clients, we can import potentially millions of keywords from Visibility Explorer and create a completely customised and detailed view of your market and your competitive position by vertical in our Project Visibility module.

  • Import millions of keywords
  • Define custom keyword tagging rules using URL Path or REGEX
  • Crawl your site and extract data from Data Layers
  • Filter by Tags
  • Filter by Universal Search Results
  • Can be done at scale, automatically across multiple countries

FAQs about Project Visibility

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