Research and Strategy

Great SEO begins with great research and strategy and the Authoritas Platform certainly provides you with the facility to conduct it. Start by seeing what your top 100 competitions are doing better than you. Benchmark your performance against your closest competitors. And find your keyword targets and track your success, identifying your optimum sources of organic traffic.

“Research and Strategy” platform features

Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence is an enterprise-only feature of our new platform, giving you the opportunity to define your top 100 competitors according to ranking relevance. It is the only platform on the market that allows you to define and analyze your own customized view of the market.

Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence is where you start to benchmark your ongoing performance versus your closest competitors.

Keyword Research and Rankings

Conducting first-class Keyword Research and tracking your rankings is still integral to optimizing your organic search success.

“Not Provided” Insights

The Authoritas Platform combines data from various analytics sources with our own algorithm to provide you a lot of the insight you used to get from Google Analytics.

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