Customisable & Intelligent SEO Alerts

Of course, it’s great to have a platform that is automating the majority of your data collection and analysis for your SEO projects.   It’s even better to use an SEO platform that notifies you when your data has changed significantly and brings this immediately to your attention with clear in-app notifications and email alerts.

Alert Frequency

Daily or Weekly

Flexible Notifications

In-app notifications or email alerts

Specific Targeting

Track changes to SEO KPIs by site and keyword tag

Easy to configure notifications


You can configure the type of alert, the specific criteria that interest you and the threshold that triggers the alert.

This way you don’t get distracted by irrelevant alerts and can give your full attention to the ones that matter.

When an alert condition is matched then a notification will be issued via a Facebook style in-app notification bar, and optionally via email to multiple selected users.

When clicked the alert will take the user to a filtered view to see the data concerned.

Fine-tune Alert Relevance

SEO Alert and Notifications

Alerts can be powerful but need to be relevant so they don’t become distracting.

  • Define who gets alerted and how often
  • Drill-down to changes in specific website folders by using keywords tags
  • Control the thresholds for changes in traffic and ranking positions
  • Get high-level site-wide alerts or highly targeted alerts

Flexible Alert Options

Setup SEO alerts and notifications

You can easily setup sophisticated custom alerts for changes to any of these key SEO metrics.

Share of Search Changes

Trigger important notifications for when your Share of Search% for your site or named competitors rises or falls by a target percentage.  Drilldown to performance changes in your SEO market share by further refining this to sections of your site using keyword tags.

Keyword Ranking Changes

Get notified when specific keywords or groups of keyword tags gain or fall in rankings.  Target alerts when keywords reach above or fall below specific ranking positions or rise/fall by a specified number of ranking positions.

Rank Traffic Changes

Trigger when Estimated Visits rises or declines by a specific percentage or a certain number of organic visits.  Get notifications for your domain or its competitors.

Google Search Console Changes

Take advantage of the kind of useful alerts that Google should be giving you itself!  Target by changes in clicks or impressions by country, device and time period.  Discover Search Analytics Dropped Keywords, New Keywords and changes in GSC ranking positions.

Backlink Data

Monitor changes in the influence of your backlinks.
Get notified when you lose very influential links or gain new influential links.

Universal Rank Changes

Filter when you or your competitors’ domains have gained or lost specific Universal SERP features.  Drilldown by specific search engine ranking configuration, competitor and keyword tags.

FAQs about SEO Alerts & Notifications

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