AI Content Assistant

Scale your team’s SEO and content marketing efforts using artificial intelligence!

Our new module uses the power of GPT-3 from Open AI to help support your content writers and editors to produce well thought-out content and articles more easily and efficiently than ever before.

Automate Meta Data

Enter a few keywords and the AI will suggest customised, unique meta titles and meta descriptions for you page.

Automate for eCommerce

Create more relevant and useful pages for users and search engines by automatically suggesting relevant summary text and buying guides for your landing pages.

Automate Article Outlines

Get a handy A-Z or numbered list of topics and sub-topics or questions to help you cover all key aspects your theme. Produce snappy content that’s ideal for answering users’ ‘How to?’ questions and helping you rank for Featured Snippets.

Launching in Beta to all clients from March 7th 2022

We’re just about ready to allow some early beta testers to test our new AI powered Content Assistant.  💙  So, if you are interested in joining the beta programme then join us in ‘The Optimisers’ community and join the beta testing group.

What does the AI SEO Content Do?

The new module is designed to help SEOs and editorial teams produce more content, more efficiently.

It’s designed to be very simple to use. You just add a few keywords or a phrase to describe what you want to write about, and then select what type of content you are looking for.

The AI then goes to work and in <1 minute will come back with some suggested content which you can then copy and paste into your document or CMS.  

The 6 output options are:

  • Meta Title
  • Meta Description
  • eCommerce PLP Summary
  • Buying Guide
  • Article Outline
  • A ‘How-to’ style article outline

Automatically Write Meta Titles and Descriptions

  • Add some keywords which describes what’s on the page and any additional context
  • (Optionally) add your domain name and brand
  • (Optionally) add tone of voice
  • (Optionally) add type of page

Automatically Write eCommerce Category (PLPs) Summaries

  • Add buyer friendly advice to all ecommerce category pages (PLPs) to improve conversions and page quality
  • Produce short paragraphs of text which are ideal for adding above or below your product range
  • Produce step by step guides to help users determine which factors to take into account  when researching a product and considering a purchase on your site

Automatically draft Article Outlines and Topic Mind-maps

  • Get an A-Z list of topics or sub-topics around a subject
  • Get a numbered list of topics or questions to answer
  • Discover the easiest way to produce a quality article quickly
  • Get articles outlines and short summaries designed to help you rank for Featured Snippets
  • Feed these questions and topics back into the Content Assistant to have it flesh out a draft of the article for you

This is NOT designed to be used for producing spammy content and automated posting.  You are strongly advised to always review and edit the content before publishing. 😉

How to use this tool effectively

  • Use it on its own as a standalone tool for your writers and editors
  • Solve a common time-consuming issue, such as to how to solve duplicate meta data issues at scale
  • Use it in conjunction with our eCommerce Site Search solution to improve the quality of your pages when you create thousands of SEO-friendly static SEO landing pages at scale
  • Use it conjunction with our “Smell of the SERP” analyser to quickly beef up pages or write new content to bridge the gaps identified from analysing the top performing content in Google
This is available on our Freemium account. So why not give it a try today!