SEO Project Management

Manage all your SEO operations with Authoritas’ in-built SEO project management features.

Task Management

Easily manage, segment and prioritise tasks across all your websites and projects.

Outreach Management

Manage your link building and PR efforts in one system which tracks results.

CRM System for SEOs and PRs

Centralise your database of key contacts used by your SEO and PR teams.

Manage 1000’s of websites as easily as just one

SEO Project Management Tool

We’ve designed the platform so that it scales to help you manage large international teams running multi-national SEO campaigns for thousands of sites. The system has been designed and developed to help you ‘optimise how you optimise’ with unique features you won’t find elsewhere.

  • SEO Task, outreach and contact management in one platform
  • Keyword Rank History Importer
  • Multi-site reporting with customised branding
  • Platform API and much more
Example SEO task list

Keeping you on top of your site and your site on top of the search engines

Whether you are trying to track SEO campaign success, what needs to be done or who is doing what, you can keep your fingers on the pulse with our simple project and campaign management system.

Everything your team needs to know can be stored and shared easily. 

  • Assign automated tasks
  • Create custom tasks
  • Assign items
  • Set due dates
  • Manage campaigns
  • Run scheduled reports
  • Set campaign alerts
  • Add notes, comments and follow tasks

Everything you need to manage a successful SEO campaign is at your fingertips.

SEO Task Management

Our platform automatically analyses your website and creates colour-coded tasks for you to investigate and implement.  You can add your team, your own customised tasks, set deadlines and record time spent on each item.

  • Create strategies and actions and target SEO-specific tasks to pages and page groups
  • Perform more high-impact SEO tasks and outperform your competitors
  • See annotations at page and page group level to see task impact
  • Create custom tasks for all sites to ensure your processes are being followed by your whole team
  • Assign tasks, record hours (billable), set priorities and due dates and track progress
Configure custom SEO tasks
Task group settings screen

Organise and Group Tasks into Lists for different teams

Here’s an example of the type of SEO tasks you can manage:

  • Add/Correct Canonical Tags
  • Add/Improve Image Alt / Filenames
  • Add/Improve Image(s)
  • Add/Improve Internal Linking
  • Add/Improve Rich Mark-up
  • Add/Improve Video
  • Add/Improve Video Transcription
  • Fix Broken Link
  • Improve Content Structure
  • Improve Page Content
  • Improve Page Description
  • Improve Page Title
  • Improve Page URL
  • Increase Link Volume/Value
  • Increase Social Popularity
  • Increase User-Generated Content
  • New Page
  • Resolve Duplicate Page Description
  • Resolve Duplicate Page Title
  • Resolve Minor Crawl Issues
  • Resolve Severe Crawl Issues

Outreach Campaigns

Effective inbound marketing requires the coordination, communication and co-operation of a multi-disciplinary team of internal and external marketers, designers, developers, copywriters, PRs, account managers and so on. Now the whole team can get one consistent view of all the key data they need.

  • Manage your organic outreach campaigns with our handy task management system and contact database
  • Manage multiple link building campaigns in parallel
  • Add contacts and target websites to named link building campaigns
  • Import coverage reported on by PR teams
  • See the impact of links on pages and page groups using annotations
Website authors and influencer discovery tool focused on a single person

Contact CRM for SEO

Easily add or import contacts to centralise the data your SEO and PR teams hold on your outreach prospects. 

Create contacts using our Influencer Finder feature and simply add them to your contact lists.  

Then go to the Campaigns module to add them to a specific link building/outreach campaign.

  • Contact’s Name and Profile Details
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Domains he/she writes for
  • Owner
  • Restrictions on who should contact them
  • Relationship status, e.g. Proposed, Archived or Active

SEO Alerts - Keep your eye on the ball!

Whether it’s jobs finishing, keyword rankings being updated or new links.  We’ll try and alert you to important changes in a timely manner.  You can configure alerts for a specific site or for all sites in your account.  Read more about alerts and notifications.

Quick view of SEO alerts and notifications

User Roles & Permissions

Every organisation is different.  Every team has different players with different skills and areas of focus.  With our flexible user roles and permissions system, you are in complete control of which sites your team can access.

  • Create Project Groups for specific websites
  • Assign users to specific User Groups
    • Admin
    • Dashboard only
    • Data Reviewer
    • Link Builder
    • Standard User
    • Tasks Only
  • Restrict users to specific Project Groups

FAQs about SEO Campaign and Project Management

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