SEO Reporting

Beautiful, insightful reports – Just the way you like them

Whether you want to dazzle your boss, your clients, your top sales prospects or just yourself; we make it easy to get the data you want when you need it.

Integrated SEO Data in One Report

Report on ranking and search visibility, crawling, link and analytics data in one place

Flexible Reporting Options

Generate ad-hoc reports in .CSV or Excel format or use our API or Google Data Studio data connector

Unlimited Reports

Create multiple advanced SEO reports for different use cases and users

SEO Reporting for SEO Agencies and In-house Teams

Depending on your package you have a range of SEO exports and reports open to you.

Freemium Packages & Business Essentials & Advanced

  • Use a series of really useful SEO report exports in Excel or .CSV format
  • These ad-hoc exports provide you with a depth of keyword ranking and SERP data

(Look at our Help Centre – for more details on our standard SEO report exporting functionality).

Business-Expert & Agency Partner Packages

  • Use our Big Query connector to automate your SEO reporting in Google Data Studio
  • Or use our powerful platform API
  • Take advantage of our pre-prepared Google Data Studio templates or create your own
  • Report on keyword rankings, website crawling, backlinks, Share of Search, Market Winners, Google Search Console and more

(Look at our Help Centre – for more details on our advanced SEO reporting via Google Big Query and SEO reports via Google Data Studio).

Examples of Advanced SEO Reports in PowerBI and Data Studio

Power BI SEO Report

Customised Google Data Studio Templates

  • You get out what you put in
  • You can use our pre-canned reports immediately or if you want to customise a report template to get exactly what you desire then knock yourself out
  • You can customise specific modules, as well as filtering graphs and tables to ensure you see exactly the data and time range you need
Google Data Studio SEO Reports
Customise branding of your reports

Comprehensive Selection of Options

  • All the charts and tables you need in a click
  • Try our unique reporting components with hundreds of configurations
  • Apply SEO report templates, themes and other reporting dimensions like time, pages and keywords
  • Download now or schedule in the format of your choice

Easy and efficient SEO Reporting

Save time, and create high-quality, visually-engaging reports with Authoritas’ Reporting features.

Authoritas makes it easy to access and report on the KPIs you need to find, as well as to share in the format of your choice.

We’ve listened and understand how your agency or in-house team wants to report so you can access the components you want in the format that works best for you.

If you’re creating a strategy deck and need charts then you can show a live Google Data Studio report or download a PDF.  Of course, it’s easy to edit the charts and blend data sources, copy, paste, resize and format the tables and charts in any way you wish.

If you’re number crunching, you can get the data out into Excel or Google Sheets in .csv or .xls format.

Or if it’s a straight-to-inbox PDF you want with no commentary needed, schedule what you want, when you want it directly from your customised Google Data Studio report(s).

SEo Audit report

FAQs about SEO Reporting

Can we help?

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