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SEO in 2020
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What you can expect:

Eric Enge

The Future of Search

“Google's going to see a lot of evolution in how people choose to do search queries and what that intent is when they're on their phone. This means there's going to be more design around better meeting those intents”
- Eric Enge, Stone Temple

Future Algorithm Changes

“I think social signals are definitely going to be more prevalent, more important, more weighted in the future, we’re already seeing them get a little momentum today”
- Greg Gifford, DealerOn


Greg Gifford
Aleyda Solis

Future Optimisation Techniques

"A good thing to be doing right now is semantic search, by this I mean that we give input to a search engine to establish and define the meaning of our content with structured mark up"
- Aleyda Solis, Orainti

The Future of the SEO Industry

“The most successful people in the digital marketing world are not standalone skillset people. They are people with multiple disciplines who understand how all of these work together and move the needle for the business”
- Duane Forrester, Yext

Duane Forrester

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