How does the Authoritas platform benefit your marketing team?

Every role has a frustration or three. However, here at Authoritas, we can help to make your marketing role more pleasurable! Whether you’re trying to work collaboratively with your agency, train your new starters, discover new marketing opportunities or provide the senior management with accurate reporting and forecasting, we’ve got something exciting to share with you. No matter your role, be it a marketing directorcontent marketing director, head of digitalhead of SEO or content marketing executive, the Authoritas platform will facilitate the creation of the best strategy for a consistently high ROI.

Marketing Director

You can use the software to help you set a workable strategy for your team to generate the best financial results for your business. Set your team off in the right direction and coach them to deliver these results, every time. Find out more >>

Content Marketing Director

Be confident in the optimum keywords you should be using as the skeleton around your latest content marketing campaigns. Many of your target keywords may well be the keywords that your competitors are currently ranking for, and bringing in business from. Work with your Authoritas Account Manager to ensure that your team are utilizing all of the correct modules they need for their role. Find out more >>

Head of Digital

Whether you have chosen to work with an agency, or have your very own in-house team of experts, it’s important that all members of these teams have a full understanding of the Authoritas platform. This will help you to fully utilize the software for your reporting benefits and has the intelligence to power your marketing campaigns. Authoritas provides a complete training programme and on-going support for you and your team. Find out more >>

Head of SEO

Benefit from Authoritas’ new updates and features which are in-line with the constant changes in the SEO industry. Search engines are evolving to include Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence, producing better and more relevant better results for most users. However, these constant enhancements make it increasingly challenging for SEOs to track their success. Thankfully that’s where Authoritas comes in. Find out more >>

Content Marketing Executive

As the organization’s content executive, it’s not only your responsibility to produce great content, but to also help create, and implement the content strategy across all necessary platforms. Authoritas’ Market Share module will help you ensure that you focus on the right content that will have the biggest impact on your business. Find out more >>

Marketing Director >>

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