Ultimate Guide to Content Auditing

We always hear about evergreen content, but how can we make sure our content really does stay relevant? In this episode of Tea Time SEO we discussed how we should be approaching content audits to make the most of our content, which doesn’t always mean producing more content! Greg Bernhardt, Daniel Heredia Mejias and Laura Monckton shared some tricks for approaching content audits and keeping our content relevant.

The Ultimate Guide to Content Audting - Table of Contents

About the Co-Authors

Greg Bernhardt

SEO Strategist for Rocket Clicks

Greg Bernhardt is an SEO Strategist for Rocket Clicks with over 20 years of experience in web marketing and web technology. Over the past year, Greg’s interest has been focused on semantic, site performance, and Python SEO. While working with Python, Greg created and writes Python SEO tutorials for importsem.com.

Daniel Heredia Mejias

SEO Product Owner in the Egaming industry

Daniel Heredia Mejias is currently working as a SEO Product Owner in the Egaming industry, taking care mainly of SEO technical stuff, he started his adventure in the SEO field four years ago in Barcelona, before moving to Malta where he’s been living for two years and a half. In 2020, taking advantage of the lockdown and despairing at home he created a blog posting many tricks to automate some SEO tasks with Python and started to play video games more often to feel closer to his friends.


Laura Monckton

Digital Marketing Specialist at The Access Group

Laura Monckton has 6 years of marketing experience, and in the last 2 years, she’s been delving into the depths of SEO. Content has always been an area of enjoyment for her, with a degree in English and experience in copywriting. She’s a CIM qualified digital marketing specialist for a mid-market software company, with first-hand experience supporting a large website, auditing blog content and championing best practice. In this last year, she has kept herself busy by consuming books to discuss at a book club set up by friends, lots of DIY, a house move and a new pup. Netflix has come in handy for passing the time too!

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