Ultimate Guide to International SEO

International SEO, defined in the next section of this guide, is the process of optimizing your website so that search engines can identify what countries you want to target, enabling you to rank across multiple markets and drive relevant organic traffic to your site.

At Tea Time SEO, we were joined by some well known speakers in the International SEO field. Chloe Fair, our author of this guide realises that as SEOs, we can often focus a lot on the technical SEO aspects of a site and ignore some other key considerations. International technical SEO is important, and she will cover some of the key aspects of that in this guide. However, in order to grasp what International SEO is and how you can succeed with it, you need to understand the bigger picture.

This guide will cover some of those elements where Chloe will take you through some key definitions and explanations of critical areas of International SEO. She will then discuss the importance of understanding market entry and touch upon why you need to treat each market in a unique way and devise an SEO strategy for each.

Ultimate Guide to International SEO - Table of Contents

About the Authors


Chloe Fair

Senior SEO Strategist at Impression

Chloe is a senior SEO strategist at Impression, an award-winning digital marketing agency. She is responsible for managing large client accounts and heading up Impression’s international SEO service. She started her SEO career over 6 years ago working for an international travel company in Munich, Germany where she found her strengths in assisting with site launches and new market entry. Chloe specialises keyword and content mapping, language & culture and understanding the impact & risks of new market entry. She supports small and large businesses in improving their organic presence in the UK and globally across over 40 markets.


Bill Hunt

Global Search Strategist

Bill Hunt has 26 years experience in Global Search Marketing and won US Search Awards Lifetime Achievement in 2015. Bill is the founder of Back Azimuth Consulting. Well known on the conference circuit, he has spoken at conferences in 33 countries. Outside of that, he is also a co-author “Search Engine Marketing Inc” and he developed the HREFLang Builder which won best Search Software in 2020.  

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