Ultimate Guide to Technical SEO

Welcome to our “Ultimate SEO Guides”. We want to provide readers with actionable insights with regards to different elements of SEO. We understand that our market moves quickly and therefore we have invited search professionals to help contribute to our SEO guides.

In the fifth instalment of our series, we are looking at the Ultimate Guide to Technical SEO and we have three authors who have helped produce this actionable and step by step guide:

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The Ultimate Guide to Technical SEO - Table of Contents

About the Co-Authors

Georgie Kemp

SEO Executive at Impression

Georgie is an SEO Executive at Impression, specialising in Technical SEO. Georgie has a fascination around digital innovation, voice search, optimising web performance for a variety of clients and debugging technical issues.


Jess Hobbs

Account Director at Erudite

Jess has a background in traditional marketing, having worked in both B2B and B2C roles before specialising in digital in 2016. Jess spent 2 years as a Senior Technical SEO Consultant at Erudite before becoming Account Director, and particularly enjoys working cross-discipline to find lucrative opportunities for clients.

Outside of work, Jess is a competitive powerlifter, so you’ll likely find her training or walking her dogs.


Hamlet Batista

CEO at Rank Sense

Hamlet is the founder and CEO of RankSense. He has a Technical SEO background with an emphasis on ecommerce. He invented RankSense, an app to simplify implementation of SEO fixes using Google Sheets. Hamlet enjoys using automation and machine learning to solve SEO problems at scale with Python 🐍.

If there are elements you want to add where you can draw from your own experience, please contact the marketing team.

Learn how to get your Technical SEO going with help from our great authors!

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