Visibility Explorer

Automate international keyword research and competitive analysis.  Get unlimited competitor research and ranking data for any website, page or keyword.  Oh! And it’s free.

Instant SEO Data

Get instant keyword, domain and page-level visibility data.

Commercial Keyword Database

Dive into over 125mn commercial keywords in 26 countries

Dynamic Filtering

Filter by specific keywords to see summary organic performance data

International Market Research for SEO

Visibility Explorer
  • Perform deep market, competitor and performance analysis on any website or page, and get ranking intelligence for millions of keywords
  • Discover new opportunities, monitor competitor strategies, and benchmark performance
  • Discover an unparalleled list of Universal SERP opportunities to rank for Featured Snippets, People Also Ask , Videos, Images and more
  • Download up to 500,000 keywords per website for free
  • Customise this further by setting up a project on the platform
SEO Visibility Chart over time

Visibility & Competitor SEO Metrics

Find domain, page and keyword level data with unique KPIs, instantly for free.

  • Filter domain and keyword data in powerful ways to create better and more insightful multi-domain comparisons
  • Drill down to page level to see how any page on any domain is ranking with estimated organic search visibility and value
  • Compare organic and universal result type keyword rankings side-by-side
  • Compare domains and apply complex keyword filters to compare KPIs based on categories, channels and products, including and excluding branded traffic
  • Benchmark yourself against your market the right way and compare a host of useful SEO KPIs
  • Average Rank
  • No. of Keywords per Page
  • No. of Keywords
  • No. of Pages
  • Visibility %
  • Visibility Index
  • Visibility Value ($)
  • Potential Visibility Score
  • Potential Visibility Value ($)

International SEO – Keyword Research Made Easy

  • Discover the keywords that are delivering traffic to your competitors.
  • Pinpoint the keyword opportunities that are driving customers to your competitors’ websites
  • Import keywords in bulk into your project, tagged and ready to go
  • Evaluate opportunities in Universal Search results across the whole market – see which types of results are the most prominent for sets of keywords
Competitive Keyword Rankings

Market Segmentation - Customisation Options

For Enterprise clients, we can import potentially millions of keywords from Visibility Explorer and create a completely customised and detailed view of your market and your competitive position by vertical in our Project Visibility module.

  • Import millions of keywords
  • Define custom keyword tagging rules using URL Path or REGEX
  • Crawl your site and extract data from Data Layers
  • Filter by Tags
  • Filter by Universal Search Results
  • Can be done at scale, automatically across multiple countries

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