Authoritas APIs for SEO

If you are an SEO engineer or work in technical SEO and have some python or PHP skills, then you can easily use our APIs to build your own internal SEO and content marketing systems or dashboards

Choose from 3 different APIs

Keyword Ranking API

Our Keyword Ranking API (SERPs API)  – for SEOs that would like to do high volume keyword rankings and research and ingest the data into their own internal systems, third-party dashboards and BI software.

Page Structure API

Our latest and most unique SEO API – The Page Structure Content API – for SEO teams that want to understand what type of content Google is favouring in the SERPs and then retrieve detailed page level data to compare their ranking pages to the top 10 competing organic URLs.

Platform API

Our Platform API – for SEO teams that want to use a user interface via the platform and have access to the underlying raw data via API.

This gives you the best of both worlds. Programmatic access to create, update and extract data from thousands of SEO projects.

We love helping clients to overcome their biggest SEO challenges

It was awesome working with you too. I haven’t had a relationship with a vendor that was quite as responsive and helpful as you are.

We really enjoy our regular sessions with senior members of the Authoritas team. We’re 100% committed to achieving the best possible SEO results for our clients and it’s great to know that we’ve got a long-standing partner listening, supporting and developing optimisation tools that will help us achieve our goals. We’re excited about the migration from V7 to V8 of the platform in 2023 and looking forward to continuing over a decade’s worth of collaboration.

Rob Best SEO Manager profile picture
Rob Best
SEO Manager
Automotive Transformation Group

I love the Authoritas Keyword Ranking API! It has enabled me to collect vast amounts of data (hundreds of millions of data points through the Brand SERP lens - aka "what does Google understand") that have enabled me to understand how Google "learns" and how to optimise the Brand SERP, trigger Knowledge Panel and push information into the Knowledge Graph from the outside without resorting to tricks and spam. (I don't think many people realise that Knowledge Panel spam is a HUGE thing - maybe Penguin and Panda will seem like glitches in years to come).

Jason Barnard profile picture
Jason “The Brand SERP Guy” Barnard
CEO and Founder

We need a rank tracking solution that fits an international SEO setup covering 100 domains, 30 languages and multiple search engines. Linkdex/Authoritas matches our requirements really well. The team is also a pleasure to work with, it feels more like a partnership rather than a traditional supplier-client relationship as we support each other with insights, ideas and solutions to succeed.

Profile picture of Christoffer Berg Head of SEO at Education First
Christoffer Berg
Head of SEO
Education First

The best two things about Analytics SEO (Now Authoritas) are: 1. Monitoring you clients' keyword rankings. ASEO has the BEST data. Our agency's CEO has heard from many sources that the keyword ranking data ASEO has is the best in the industry. You can monitor a client's keyword ranking across many search engines, countries, states, and even cities. 2. Customer service is AMAZING. Even though they are a British company, their customer support is top notch for us users in the states. Many times, Laurence, the CEO of ASEO, personally follows up on customer questions, etc.

Profile picture of Hans Peter Sandbech Ecommerce | Project management | Digital marketing at GroupM
Hans Peter Sandbech
Ecommerce | Project management | Digital marketing

What do SEOs typically
use APIs for?

Many different types of customers use our APIs to get programmatic access to data at scale to solve a variety of SEO marketing and operational challenges.

Power internal SEO dashboards
Automate management of hundreds of Local SEO projects
Custom industry or algorithm research

Advantages of using our family of APIs

Tried and tested services used by leading SEO brands
99.9% Uptime and Service Level Agreements
Removes the headache of managing your own proxies
Supports the highest-volumes of requests
Unique SERP analysis and feature detection

Why choose our APIs?

Most SEO software platforms expose APIs to access your data today.  Find out why we are different.

Does it cost extra to use your APIs?

The SEO Platform API is free with Advanced and Expert level business packages and all agency packages. The SERPs API and Page Structure API are charged per thousand queries with volume discounts.

Is SERP API legal?

We’re sometimes asked about the legality of scraping search engine results and crawling websites in general.  We stay on the right side of the law, by only crawling data that is publicly available on the open Internet.

How do I build and use your SERP API?

Simple.  Just get in touch and ask for one of our libraries in PHP, Python or Java.  With our help and support, we'll have you up and running in no time.

How does this compare to the Google Analytics API?

If you are looking for data about your website’s performance then try the Google Analytics API yourself.  Our APIs, give you vital information about the performance of your site and your competitors in the organic search results in any search engine worldwide.  You cannot get this kind of competitive data and insights from Google Analytics.

What is an API in SEO?

There are many different types of APIs that you can use in the SEO field.  Here are the most common types of API you can use for SEO purposes:

Keyword Ranking – checks where a website ranks in a search engine from a specific location and device.

Crawling – returns pages and issues found from crawling a website.

Backlinks – returns a list of websites that links to a specific domain, sub-domain or page.

Content APIs that scrapes and analyses the content of a page.

NLP APIs – Natural Language Processing APIs that help you extract meaning from a body of text.

Artificial Intelligence APIs – There are a number of open source APIs that can write content for you that is almost indistinguishable from humans.

What is API data?

API data describes the payload of information that the API responds to a successful query.  The exact contents and format of response will differ from API to API.  For example, Authoritas API returns data in industry standard JSON format.

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