If you have your own internal SEO and content marketing systems or dashboards then you may prefer to import our data into your systems via our APIs. We offer 2 APIs – our Site Auditing & Crawling API (XML-RPC API) and our SERPs API (REST API).

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Site Auditing API and SERPs API

Site Auditing & Crawling API (XML-RPC API)

When using our Site Auditing & Crawling API, you can add and edit your sites directly in our platform (or programatically via the APIs) and you can then extract site auditing, crawling, keyword ranking and backlink data.

You can use the APIs to find SEO problems with thousands of sites in one go. A simple call to this API will analyze a domain; and in less than 1 minute give you enough information to evaluate a website's optimization versus two competitors. You can use this method to analyze your own sites, competitor sites, customer sites or prospective client sites to give you a broad initial understanding of how a site is performing in relation to other industry players.

Our Site Auditing & Crawling API allows you to add sites to our platform for daily technical site checks, weekly link analysis, site crawls and daily or weekly keyword ranking checks. We identify the problems we find and return them to you upon request. This is ideal if you want to outsource the collection, analysis and crawling of a large volume of sites on an ongoing basis.


Get access to all the SERPs data in one API. Our SERPs API returns nicely structured JSON data. We can optionally also return the SERP as compressed HTML – you can then store, digest and parse that file any way you like. This gives you great flexibility for querying Google exactly the way you want to.

This API is a proxy rotation API – this means that we don’t supply you with IPs. We keep these private and secure. That way no one uses your IPs so you won't run the risk of getting blocked. Simply send all your traffic to a specific IP address and port that we give you.

Our SERPs API provides complete access to a search engine’s results page. This allows a user to collect any data they wish such as keyword rankings, PPC data, number of results, universal rankings and so on.

Advantages of using our APIs

  • Crawl or scrape the web for competitive research
  • Use with SEO software or in-house
  • Fast keyword research and rankings
  • 99.9% Query success rate
  • Enjoy high success rates with no stress
  • From 10,000 queries per month!
  • Or as many as millions a day
  • We take away the problem of proxy management
  • High volume extraction of keyword ranking and research data from major search engines
  • Supports all devices, search engines, markets and data used in the platform
  • Also includes Universal Search Results plus Rich Snippets, Paid Search, Google Shopping and Direct Answers

How might you use our APIs?

  • Get our Big SEO Data into your system
  • Create pre-sales proposals in bulk for sales or direct marketing purposes
  • Integrate SEO data into your internal dashboards
  • Integrate keyword ranking data into your existing reporting systems or product or service
  • Create new products or services using our data; for example, one the UK’s leading online yellow pages directories utilize our API to offer straightforward, no-nonsense SEO and website reports to their small business customers
  • Get data once or as regularly as you desire

Whether you already use APIs and your own dashboards or you're at the start of the journey when it comes to mashing up data, why don't you arrange a demo to discuss your needs?

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