The Authoritas Family of APIs for SEO Developers

If you are an SEO engineer or work in technical SEO and have some python or PHP skills, then you can easily use our APIs to build your own internal SEO and content marketing systems or dashboards.

We offer 3 APIs:

  1. Our Platform API  – for SEO teams that want to use a user interface via the platform and have access to the underlying raw data via API.
  2. Our Keyword Ranking API (SERPs API)  – for SEOs that would like to do high volume keyword rankings and research and suck the data into their own dashboards.
  3. Our latest and most unique SEO API – The Page Structure Content API – for SEO teams that want to understand what type of content Google is favouring in the SERPs and then retrieve detailed page level data to compare their ranking pages to the top 10 competing organic URLs.

Advantages of using our APIs

  • Crawl or scrape the web for competitive research
  • Use with SEO software or in-house
  • Fast keyword research and rankings
  • 99.9% Query success rate
  • Enjoy high success rates with no stress
  • From 10,000 queries per month!
  • Or as many as millions a day
  • We take away the problem of proxy management
  • High volume extraction of keyword ranking and research data from major search engines
  • Supports all devices, search engines, markets and data used in the platform
  • Also includes Universal Search Results plus Rich Snippets, Paid Search, Google Shopping and Direct Answers

How might you use our APIs?

  • Get our Big SEO Data into your system
  • Create pre-sales proposals in bulk for sales or direct marketing purposes
  • Integrate SEO data into your internal dashboards
  • Integrate keyword ranking data into your existing reporting systems or product or service
  • Create new products or services using our data; for example, one the UK’s leading online yellow pages directories utilize our API to offer straightforward, no-nonsense SEO and website reports to their small business customers
  • Get data once or as regularly as you desire

Find out how our platform can help your agency or enterprise