The Authoritas Platform: APIs


If you have your own internal SEO and content marketing systems or dashboards then you may prefer to import our data into your systems via our APIs. We offer 2 APIs – our Platform API (Site Auditing & Crawling API – XML/RPC) and our Keyword Ranking API (SERPs).

Advantages of using our APIs

  • Crawl or scrape the web for competitive research
  • Use with SEO software or in-house
  • Fast keyword research and rankings
  • 99.9% Query success rate
  • Enjoy high success rates with no stress
  • From 10,000 queries per month!
  • Or as many as millions a day
  • We take away the problem of proxy management
  • High volume extraction of keyword ranking and research data from major search engines
  • Supports all devices, search engines, markets and data used in the platform
  • Also includes Universal Search Results plus Rich Snippets, Paid Search, Google Shopping and Direct Answers

How might you use our APIs?

  • Get our Big SEO Data into your system
  • Create pre-sales proposals in bulk for sales or direct marketing purposes
  • Integrate SEO data into your internal dashboards
  • Integrate keyword ranking data into your existing reporting systems or product or service
  • Create new products or services using our data; for example, one the UK’s leading online yellow pages directories utilize our API to offer straightforward, no-nonsense SEO and website reports to their small business customers
  • Get data once or as regularly as you desire

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