Number of Backlinks

AnalyticsSEO tutorial on the Backlink Analysis component.

Checking on your inbound links is an important part of any SEO campaign. We pull data from MajesticSEO everyday using its API and this table will show you the highest quality and most recent links. The task status will remind you of the backlink limit you have set with regards to the particular site you are looking at. We can pull up to 50,000 backlinks through from MajesticSEO at any one particular time; however, this may affect your account thresholds.

This data is also plotted as a line chart and this can be a way of identifying how competitive gaps are either growing or shrinking between your site and your competitors’. It shows the total number of backlinks MajesticSEO is reporting for each site and can be an easy way to assess whether any of your competitors are embarking on large-scale link-building campaigns.

You can use various filters with this table. For example, you might want to filter by anchor text to get an idea of what your anchor text profile is looking like on a regular basis. There are various views within the SEO world as to what is an ideal profile and it may differ from client. Most SEOs appear to prefer a mix of keyword-specific anchors and branded anchors. You can, of course, also look for blank anchors or words like “click”, “visit” or “purchase” as these are considered to be pretty rubbish use of anchor text as they pass little or no value to your site.

Other filters you can use are filter by redirects and nofollows. Again, some SEOs have suggested that having a backlink profile with little or very few no-follows showing up is actually a detrimental factor as it will not appear like a natural backlink profile to Google. Again, it is something you may want to consider.

You can download this table as part of the standard Off-Site report or as part of a custom report. If you want a much more detailed breakdown of your own backlinks, you can look at the data shown behind the Check Inbound Links component; if you want to take a look in more detail at your competitors’ link, then you can look at the data behind the Competitive Link Quality component.

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