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Unlock the insights from our Gambling industry report where we researched just under 5,000 commercial keywords across bingo, casino, crypto and gamer gambling, lottery, poker and sportsbook.

How Users are Searching

In the Gambling Industry, we found that the majority of consumers are searching on the go, as we see in many sectors. Looking at the share of search, 82.6% of searches are on mobile compared to just 17.4% on desktop per month. Therefore it is even more important that websites and companies in this industry ensure their website and content is mobile friendly.

Looking deeper into the categories, the top keyword groups are as follows:

  1. Lottery
  2. Sportsbook
  3. Bingo

In the analysis, we see that 59.71% of the total search volume for the gambling industry is within the lottery category, with 57.06% of that being on mobile with the rest on desktop. This shows that people are playing the lottery while either on the go or just on their mobile at home.

28.53% of total search volume in gambling is within the Sportsbook category. Sportsbook includes keywords around sports betting such as free football tips, rugby world cup odds. 24.3% of the search volume per month is on mobile.

search volume trends
Search Volume trends in the UK Gambling Industry 2019-2020

Share of the Gambling Market

Which brand has the largest share of the market? who have roughly 12% of the total market. They dominate on desktop and on mobile. Wikipedia, Twitter and have the largest share of the market after the National Lottery.

market leaders
(SEO Market Share - UK Gambling Industry 2019 - 2020)

When we drill down into the data, looking specifically at the top 5 ranking domains for the 7 keyword categories, we found that out of the 7 keyword groups, Google is one of the top domains for only 2 of these categories, this is for the Poker and Casino categories. Here they have 5% and 4% of market share respectively.

This shows that, unlike the Travel and Consumer Electronics Industry, where Google was dominating in all categories, they are not such a key player in this industry, giving other brands a chance to compete for the top ranking positions. However, where is not owning market share, Youtube is dominating. In the Gamer Gambling category, Youtube has the dominant market share of 25%.

Gambling Industry SERP Landscape

There were considerably less SERP features in the Gambling Industry report than we have found with the Travel and Consumer Electronics (CE). There were no places results nor shopping but there were a lot of video results, similar to Consumer Electronics.  

What was interesting was we found Video SERPs appear for 77.92% of keywords overall. In the Gamer Gambling keyword category a Video result appears for 99% of keywords on mobile and 75% on desktop which is the highest we have seen across all 7 categories. When looking at the overall SERPs of video, this is 77.76% of keywords for mobile and just 25.1% for desktop.

We also see 73.83% of keywords feature a People Also Ask (PAA) result. The two categories where we see this appear the most is in the Gamer Gambling and Lottery. Within these categories it is desktop that pulled a PAA result, 84% and 87% respectively.

Universal SERP Feature Prominence - UK Gambling Keywords
Universal SERP Feature Prominence - UK Gambling Keywords

Aside from organic results, it seems that Ads are the most prominent result type in this category as they are displayed for 78.8% of keywords. There are very little shopping results in the Gambling results, just 4.4% of keywords, which is the opposite to what we saw in the Consumer Electronics report, where 90% of keywords displayed shopping results.

45.38% of keywords resulted in image SERPs, however, when looking at desktop only this drops to just 10.65%. Mobile is the platform where images will dominate the SERPs. The Gamer Gambling category has the highest number of keywords featuring an image SERP. This is 64% of keywords on mobile and just 26% of desktop. The Lottery category has 46% of their keywords featuring an image on mobile and 13% on desktop.

(Example Google SERP for lottery tickets - 2019/20)


Within the Consumer Electronics, there is a significant difference in the percentage of image and video results displayed on mobile and desktop.

This seems to be similar to the Gambling Industry where images are nearly three times more prominent on mobile compared to desktop, for all the keyword categories, and the same for video results.

This shows that across all categories, visual content is consumed more readily on mobile devices, compared to desktop. This is especially important for content creators, who need to be aware of this, and should create visual content, which is mobile friendly, and even more so, when considering the prominence of SERP results on mobile in the industry. Although, the percentage of image results are lower in the Gambling Industry, compared to the Consumer Electronics, there is a similar trend as the differences between mobile and desktop are so vast.

This industry report has data until June 2020, if you like these reports then why not get in touch and find out how they can be used to report on your SEO work!

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