The Really Useful Keyword Tool for SEOs - A Free Google Sheets Add-on

If you want to improve your own productivity or that of your SEO team then why not try our simple add-on for Google Sheets that adds 3 really useful SEO tools to any Google sheet.

Keyword Ranking for Google Sheets

Add a list of keywords to any sheet and get rankings for multiple domains from any search engine worldwide.

Top 100 SERP Results for Google Sheets

You can also get a list of the top 100 competing sites for every keyword.

Keyword Research with User Intent

Our keyword research tool gives you User Intent, Above the Fold analysis and comprehensive suggestions from related searches and People Also Ask results

3 Great SEO Tools for Google Sheets in 1 add-on

The “Really Useful Keyword Tool” add-on gives access to three core SEO tools provided by the Authoritas SERPs API.  You have the option to query all 3 tools at once or to just select the specific tools and output format you are interested in.

Keyword Ranking for Google Sheets

This tool replicates the keyword ranking functionality found in the Authoritas SEO platform.

If you have ever wanted to create your own keyword rank checking tool then we’ve just made the job really easy for you.

Simply enter a list of keywords and a search engine combination and click ‘RUN’.

You can run a request on-demand whenever you want and/or you can schedule lists of keywords to run on a regular schedule (daily, weekly or monthly).

Your Google Sheet will then call our Keyword Ranking API and create a task to collect all the data for you.  For each valid request we return the following data in a new sheet called “Keyword Rankings”:

  • Organic Rank – the position for your domains within organic ranking results only
  • Organic URL – the page(s) for your domain(s) which is ranking in the organic results
  • Above the Fold – a flag indicating whether the organic ranking page is above the fold of the page
  • Visible – a flag indicating whether the Organic URL is visible to a user without scrolling (e.g. It may appear but be hidden in a carousel)
  • Universal Rank – the position for your domains within all results types (e.g. Including organic, featured snippets, videos, images, social, etc).
  • SERP Feature – The type of Universal Search result – e.g. Video, News, Image, etc.
  • Universal URL – the page(s) for your domain(s) which is ranking in the Universal Ranking position
  • Above the Fold – a flag indicating whether the organic ranking page is above the fold of the page
  • Visible – a flag indicating whether the Universal URL is visible to a user without scrolling (e.g. It may appear but be hidden in a carousel)

We also record the full request details for each keyword request to help your analysis: Date and time, the Search Engine, Region, Language, Device, Town, Latitude & Longitude.

Keyword Rankings Tool for Google Sheets

Top 100 SERP Results for Google Sheets

This tool gives you the complete listing of all ranking URLs and universal search results for each keyword, as if you had made a request to the Authoritas SERPs API.

This is a great way of analysing the URLs you are competing with to diagnose competitors who are outperforming you and Universal Search opportunities to go after such as Featured Snippets, Videos, Images, People Also Ask, etc.

Competitor rankings in Google sheets

Keyword Research with User Intent

N/B: You must select Google as your search engine if you want to use this tool.

This gives you deep information about your keyword and related keywords and replicates some of the advanced keyword research tools and data in the SEO platform.  It offers you a great way of improving your existing keyword research process.  Enter a seed list of keywords and the service will return a list of up to 8 related keywords and up to 4 questions that people also ask (this may not appear for all keywords).

Uniquely, the service will also return you the User Intent for each keyword which should help you determine what type of content you need to write for each keyword phrase.

  • Local Intent – Do local listings appear for this keyword. This flag is a signal that local businesses have a good opportunity to compete with major national brands.
  • Dominant User Intent – This indicates the primary intent of the user across the 4 types of User Intent.
  • Navigational Intent Score – Search terms that are centered on a brand, company or person.
  • Informational Intent Score – Keywords that have low commercial intent.
  • Research Intent Score – Search phrases with strong commercial intent earlier in the buyer journey.
  • Transactional Intent Score – Search phrases with high purchase intent and value close to the end of the buyer journey
SEO Keyword Research tool for Google Sheets

Common SEO Use Cases & Challenges Solved by this Sheets add-on

  • Perform one-off or regular scheduled keyword ranking tasks
  • Check the rankings of multiple domains in one go (so you can track social media channels, sub-domains and microsites)
  • Pull-in and analyse the top 100 competitors for any keyword in any major search engine worldwide
  • Perform in-depth keyword research and get related keywords, questions people ask, universal SERP features and unique to Authoritas – the keyword or user intent for the keyword phrase
  • Once the data is in Sheets you can easily visualise it in Google Data Studio and/or send it to Big Query
  • If you are considering using the Authoritas SERPs API for your SEO project, then the Google Sheets add-on is a great way to test the API without having to get an engineer to do it for you

Advanced SEO Use Cases

  • Above the Fold analysis – This is very useful for seeing whether competitors are bidding on your brand term and forcing your listings further down the page impacting the click-thru rate%. You should consider perhaps bidding on AdWords for these keywords.
  • User Intent analysis – Are you struggling to rank your desired pages for your target keywords? Diagnose the problem by understanding whether your content matches the intent of the user.

About our Data – why you should use this SEO add-on

We aim to provide the most accurate SEO rank tracker and research tool on the marketplace.

  • We use real browsers to emulate real-world users
  • Hyperlocal – you can set a latitude and longitude in your request meaning you can check your rankings to a very specific location for the greatest accuracy
  • Unique ‘Above-the-fold’ and ‘Visible’ indicators
  • Unique User Intent data to help you with your content marketing
  • Works worldwide in all major search engines and languages


  • You need to get an API key – it is free for your first 1,000 requests per month
  • Simply complete the form here:
  • You then need to install the “Authoritas SEO – The Really Useful Keyword Tool” add-on for your Google account or Google Workspace domain from the Google App Marketplace

Installation & Getting Started

  • Visit the Google Workspace Marketplace page for the add-on and install the add-on for your account
  • If you are a Google Workspace domain administrator and wish to install this for your entire domain, then click ‘Domain install’
  • For details of how to install and how to make your first request please check out our knowledgebase article

Get the add-on now – It’s free!

You can check 1,000 keywords per month for free with a Standard API key.

If you wish to make additional keyword checks then you will need to contact us to purchase a Premium API key.

You can add the Google Sheets add-on here:

“The Really Useful Keyword Tool” for SEOs by Authoritas

You will then need to click the button below and complete a simple form to get your API key.

FAQs about Keyword Ranking (SERPs) APIs