Live Travel Industry Report

We’ve researched 3,000 of the top commercial keywords across 5 categories; Hotels, Holidays, Flights, Car Hire and Travel Insurance in the travel vertical. This was done across both mobile and desktop SERP results and our findings are set out in our very first live Google Data Studio report.
We update the data monthly, providing customers with the most up to date information. The report is rife with findings like this:
  • In the Travel Industry Featured Snippets appear for 27.3% of keywords.
  • The Holiday category sees 32.9% of its terms on desktop and 27.5% of its terms mobile appearing for Featured Snippets.
Download our report to access more insights like this.

    If you would like another market sector covered in one of our upcoming reports then please let us know by contacting us. We hope you enjoy reading the highlights of this Travel Report, the first of many industry sector reports we plan to build and publish ‘live’ via Google Data Studio.

    Background image source: Gaddafi Rusli on Unsplash