The Authoritas Platform is a comprehensive SEO and content marketing strategy software suite that helps agencies and enterprises take full control over their organic search marketing efforts and identify untapped content marketing opportunities. Established over 7 years ago and formerly called Analytics SEO, we offer solutions you can rely on, no matter how challenging your needs.

We’ve come a long way since 2009

We’ve come a long way since our very first ‘red and black’ platform back in 2009! Do any of you remember that? It seems like such a long time ago!

Initially our clients tended to be small agencies and local businesses. We gained quite a strong reputation for reliable keyword tracking and site performance reporting.

However, as the years passed and our development team increased in number and ability, our core platform features improved and evolved. So much so that bigger businesses and agencies were now approaching us and asking to use our software.

After reviewing our changing base of users and asking our customers how they would prefer our platform to evolve it became apparent that we had to refocus our core proposition on medium to large agencies and enterprises.

Moving from version 5 to version 6 of the platform

Over the past year we’ve been working furiously on developing version 6 of our platform; and with it our enterprise-level ‘Market Share‘ functionality, allowing bigger businesses to identify and benchmark their performance against their top 100 competitors, you can also identify the most appropriate future content marketing opportunities based upon projected ease of ranking, traffic and ROI.

However that’s not to say that we’ll be losing any of our core functionality. Far from it. We’ll still be constantly working on our keyword research and ranking modules. We’ll still be providing “not provided” insights and we’ll still be providing crawls to help you define where your website performance issues are — and all the rest.

We want to be the only place you have to go for all of your SEO and content marketing strategy needs.

This ‘platform‘ section of our website aims to give you a solid overview of the benefits that our software can offer your agency or enterprise. But we appreciate that everyone’s needs are different. Why don’t you arrange a free demo and see how the Authoritas platform can benefit you.

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