What is an SEO Platform?

It is a comprehensive SEO and content marketing strategy software suite that helps agencies and enterprises take full control over their organic search marketing efforts and identify untapped content marketing opportunities.

What is the Authoritas SEO Platform?

Established over 10 years ago and formerly called Analytics SEO, our core platform features have improved and evolved so we cover all the essential tools and data an SEO team needs. We have clients of all shapes and sizes all over the world but our core proposition is focused on driving more organic traffic that converts for medium to large ecommerce sites, enterprises and agencies worldwide.



Our Story – Why we’ve been building SEO software since 2009

There were a lot of tools but there were no integrated systems. Optimisation was time consuming and tasks could be automated.Things that made you successful as an SEO were hard to scale, one needed to automate as much as possible so data gathering, analysis and reporting could consume as little time as possible so more time could be spent on strategy and implementing it. We saw the opportunity to build a platform to integrate it all.

As the years passed and our development team increased in number and ability, our core platform features improved and evolved. So much so that bigger businesses and agencies were now approaching us and asking to use our software.

What’s the difference between SEO Tools and SEO Software Platforms?

SEO tools are used for one specific area, for example keyword research. Then if the user wants further help with the technical areas of their site, they use a different tool. This means that within an SEO team there can be many tools, sometimes too many. An SEO Software platform allows SEO and Marketing teams to see the bigger picture, giving additional insight and analytics to help the teams make the right decisions.

How to determine the right SEO platform for you?

We make it easy for you. You should be using this everyday so we want to make sure our platform or APIs are a good fit for you. You can try some of our tools immediately without registering such as Visibility Explorer.  We give you a full free trial for the time period you need to run our software in parallel with your current systems – make it sound so easy! We could even set out an example timeline of what our clients typically do.

Moving from version 6 to version 7 of the platform

Over the past year we’ve been working on developing version 7 of our platform which includes great new improvements in a number of key areas of optimisation including competitor analysis, featured snippets and voice search and feature-rich keyword ranking SERPs API:

How can you gain in depth competitor analysis?

Visibility Explorer – a tool that you can use for free that allows you to analyse any website and its competitors to see how it is performing in Google in 26 countries worldwide.

– Campaign Visibility – an enhanced competitive benchmarking tool for large SEO teams who want to breakdown their analysis by key industry vertical, category or SKU.

How can you optimise for featured snippets and voice search?

FAQ Explorer – this tool allows you to find up to 30 relevant questions that consumers are searching for that are related to your head terms, so you can focus on writing content that will help you rank for key universal search results like Featured Snippets, People Also Ask and Organic FAQs.

How can you get accurate Universal Search ranking data?

– SERPS API Updates – All our software platforms are powered by our rich SERPs API which is also available as a standalone REST API that can help you integrate vital keyword ranking data into your dashboards, SEO software or other systems.

– We cover all major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu, Seznam, Qihoo, Sogou, and Naver) in all major countries and languages worldwide.

– We get the most accurate results as our crawler looks like a real user using a modern web browser, executing Javascript and paginating like a real user – this allows us to do hyperlocal keyword rankings (beyond postcode/zip code down to a decimal latitude and longitude)

– We also parse all major universal SERP features in Google and many minor ones – we can even tell you whether a result is visible on the page and above or below the fold of the page

This ‘platform‘ section of our website aims to give you a solid overview of the benefits that our software can offer your agency or enterprise. But we appreciate that everyone’s needs are different. Why don’t you arrange a free demo and see how the Authoritas platform can benefit you.

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