Our products deliver actionable big data for content marketers and all-in-one SEO management for enterprises

The Authoritas Platform

The Authoritas Platform

When you experience the level of competitive insight, market awareness and content targeting opportunities that you get from using the Authoritas Platform, we predict that you’ll no longer be satisfied with your existing tools and systems.

The Authoritas Platform is revolutionary software that delivers actionable big data for enterprise-level content marketers.

Discover competitors that you weren’t even aware of. Radically improve the quality of your keyword research. And be confident that your content marketing activities are concentrated in the areas most likely to deliver the highest long-term ROI.


Market Landscape

Have access to a dynamic, precise and up-to-date picture of your market landscape.

Competitive Analysis

Discover competitors that you weren’t even aware of.

Keyword Research

Radically improve the quality of your keyword research.

ROI-Driven Content Marketing

Focus on the content marketing opportunities that deliver the highest projected ROI.

The Analytics SEO Platform

The Analytics SEO Platform

Many SEOs rely on free or cheap tools to track their success. Unfortunately this means that issues that could cost an enterprise millions of pounds or dollars in revenue aren’t picked up and resolved as quickly as they should be.

The Analytics SEO Platform has been built from the ground up to reflect the specific needs of agencies and enterprises.

Offering one-stop SEO performance tracking & management, site auditing tools, link building analysis and reporting modules, it is ideal for enterprises that have multiple websites or large websites.


One-Stop SEO Platform

One-stop SEO performance tracking & management. No other SEO software required.

Multi-Site Management

Ideal for enterprises with multiple websites. Track links and keyword performance over time.

Improve Website Performance

Site audit, crawl health & page speed modules. Measure and improve the health of your websites.

Reporting & Task Management

Create custom, automated reports to make it easy for all interested parties to track progress.