Platform Overview

SEO Platform – Tools & Data

We’ve been building SEO software since 2009.  

The latest version of our cloud-based SEO software combines the very best SEO tools and data from a decade of development by the Analytics SEO and Linkdex teams under the Authoritas brand name.

We build SEO software because it gives us tremendous satisfaction to support leading SEO teams produce results that make meaningful differences to their companies’ top and bottom lines.

You can use many of our tools for free (Visibility Explorer, Google Search Console) and you can have a free trail of our paid features at any time.

SaaS SEO Platform & Tools

We provide many of the essential SEO tools professional SEO teams need to work efficiently.

First-class SEO Data

We combine your owned data with our proprietary SEO data and excellent third-part databases.

First-class Support

You’re not buying SEO software; you’re buying a team that is geared up to help you succeed.

SEO Platform – What we offer

We mash-up crawler, analytics, ranking, link and social data to help you make the most of your SEO and content marketing efforts. 

At a glance you can see key data about all the pages on your site and prioritise issues that need attention and recommendations you want to implement. 

You can then drill down into key pages and get specific optimisation advice about what it will take to compete for that URL and keyword.

We’ve built a flexible 6-stage SEO success model – but you can work any way that suits you.

Everything you need to research and plan your SEO strategies.

  • Perform deep market, competitor and performance analysis on any website or page, and get ranking intelligence for hundreds of millions of keywords
  • Discover new content opportunities, monitor competitor strategies, and benchmark performance
  • Use the world’s only Influencer search engine to identify the websites and authors who matter, and who shape consumer buying decisions
influencer ranking keywords
Task group settings screen

Benefits of a Single SEO Platform

  • Efficiency – create a systematic SEO process that guides all team members towards the same goals, producing better results in less time
  • Insights – mashing up analytics, SEO and link data gives you new insights and optimisation opportunities
  • Time – rely on automated collection and analysis instead of generating the data and integrating it yourself
  • Peace of mind – the platform runs 24/7/365 alerting to you issues that could impact your online business
  • Effectiveness – free up your time to spend on high value-add SEO and content marketing activities that cannot be automated (yet!) and will deliver results
  • Results & ROI – task allocation and workflow on one platform helps improve team performance through better coordination, cooperation, communication and consistency of approach – driving accountability and results

1st Class Service & Support

World-class software is only without world-class support and we pride ourselves on offering both.  So before looking at the great SEO tools and data we offer please rest assured that we care about our clients’ success.

Our mission is to “Help clients grow organic traffic that converts”.

We offer free support and training to all our customers and will go the extra mile for all our clients no matter how big or small:

  • Dedicated Account Managers for SEO Platform & API Support
  • Online knowledgebase, user guide, videos and ticketing system
  • Technical Support and direct contact with engineers for API queries
  • Free support and training
  • UK & French speaking teams offering email, telephone and 1-2-1 training and support
  • Europe: 08:00 to 17:30 GMT
  • US & Canada: 08:00 to 17:30 EST
  • Initial Response <30 minutes
  • Uptime: 99.9% Service Availability per annum

Keyword Rankings

We’ve been collecting SERP (Search Engine Result Page) data from all the major global search engines for over a decade. Our platform allows you to cost-effectively collect data for millions of keywords on a daily basis and includes many unique features such as:

  • Support for Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Baidu worldwide
  • Mobile and/or Desktop rankings
  • Accurate local rankings down to latitude and longitude level
  • In-depth Universal Search Result analysis on Google
  • Top 100 results and ranking URLs
  • Stored SERP screenshots
  • Platform and ad-hoc SERPs API for high-volume requests
  • Also available via API

You can import (from .csv or other platforms), organise, group and tag your keywords and we automatically collect AdWords search volumes, CPC (Cost Per Click) and competition data for all keywords.

Universal Rankings

Given the importance of Universal SERP features for SEOs today, we’ve gone to town to analyse all the key Google SERP features you’ll ever need.  We even show you the order of Universal Results on the first page of the SERPs!  Please note some features are only available via the Platform API & SERPs API.

Organic (Top 100)
Paid: Ads Top, Ads Bottom & Shopping
Answer Boxes, People Also Ask, Knowledge Graph
Videos, Places, Images, News (Top Stories), Social Media,
Site Links, Rich Snippets, Related Searches
Hotel Finder, Travel Finder, Flight Finder, Destination Guide
Carousel Results, Above the Fold/Visible, AMP
Product Guides, People Also Search For

Keyword Research

We have a range of automated keyword research tools to help you make the best decisions and you can research an unlimited number of keywords for free and only pay for the ones you decide to track!

  • Upload keywords manually or get keyword suggestions on the fly
  • Automatically pulls in search volume, CPC and competition data metrics in from AdWords
  • Uses Google and Bing suggest to find relevant keywords
  • Use our Visibility Explorer tool to research millions of keywords from our database of 125 million commercial keywords in 26 international markets
  • Manage your keywords using groups and tags and set target URLs
  • Automatically asses keyword potential based on a customisable CTR% model
  • Use our FAQ Explorer to generate relevant questions consumers are asking

Competitive Intelligence

Free SEO Visibility DataVisibility Explorer – Instantly benchmark your domain’s organic SEO visibility using our proprietary database of 125mn+ international commercial keywords in >26 major international markets.

Market Share & Content Strategy Development – use our advanced graph-analysis to truly understand the content gaps in your marketplace and the dominant competitors in each niche in your market.

Project Visibility – Analyse your market for your selected keywords in a level of detail that is hard to beat.  Group and aggregate any sites, filter by keyword tag and/or universal SERP feature to breakdown your performance.

  • Advanced Market Intelligence tool to discover all the keywords in your market from your top 100 competitors
  • Understand your share of voice% and break this down by keyword tags
  • Track unlimited competitors per project
  • Understand changes in your competitors key ranking pages and investigate their keywords
Authoritas Content 360 Crawler

Content 360 – Not Just another Website Crawler

Our website spider crawls your site(s) on a regular basis to help you discover technical website issues that are impacting your ability to maximise your ranking potential.

  • Crawl thousands or even millions of pages to discover not only the issues harming performance, but also the opportunities to optimize the content you want to be found
  • Crawl competitors’ websites, too. Discover their best-performing content and benchmark their page KPIs against yours
  • Data is integrated with other SEO data to help give you a joined-up view
  • Find SEO technical errors (HTTP status, URLs, Robots.txt, Meta Robots, Page Speed, etc)
  • Find SEO content errors (Page Titles, Word count, Alt Tags, etc)
  • Crawler can be further customised to suit your needs

Google Search Console

Use this free module to import your Google Search Console data and get enhanced insights that you cannot get yourself in the GSC app.

  • Visualise Page to Keyword Relationships
    We cast a light on which pages rank for which keywords.  This puts you in a much better position to optimise your site.
  • CTR Modelling & Forecasting
    We automatically split brand and non-brand keywords and help you model scenarios to see how much organic traffic you can gain by improving certain rankings.
  • Page Cannibalisation Reporting
    Stop cannibalising your own SEO efforts and help Google pick the right page for your keywords to achieve the best possible ranking and click-thru rate.
GSC Page Impact Report
Revenue-focused SEO Strategy

Content Strategy

Automate your content strategy by discovering the highest potential keyword opportunities from your top 100 competing sites.  By analysing millions of keywords automatically, our community detection algorithms highlight the naturally occurring clusters of websites, pages and keywords in the SERPs and help you to see how Google sees your market so you can:

  • Identify and prioritise the best content optimisation opportunities at page and keyword level
  • Uncover topics you should be writing about 
  • Make ROI based strategy recommendations using organic growth potential and relative strength of all ranking pages
  • Discover high potential keyword suggestions for existing pages
  • Focus on high potential content themes and keyword suggestions for new pages

On-Page & Content Optimisation

Discover SEO problems and make changes to your content and re-run our crawler on demand to suit your workflow:

  • Use Internal/External links to a page to help prioritize key pages and resolve critical issues
  • Automated tasks ensure your teams do not miss a trick
  • Create manual tasks on the fly and collaborate with your team on key issues
Configure custom SEO tasks

Backlink Profiling

Links are still one of the top 3 ranking factors!  Get in-depth tracking of your link data with Majestic data integration:

  • Integrated access to the full Majestic fresh index of >3 trillion URLs
  • Piggyback off all your competitors’ backlinks to understand where they are getting their best links from and which pages are attracting links:
Backlink overview screenshot

Can we help?

If you are interested in trying these SEO tools for your sites, then please book a brief call with one of our platform experts to explore whether we have what you need.

Configure custom SEO tasks

SEO Task and Project Management

  • Achieve more SEO success in less time
  • Understand the competitive landscape to set effective SEO strategies in half the time
  • Get a complete picture of site health and performance in context with your competition
  • Manage and report on tasks and outreach campaigns with our task management tools
  • Be more productive and see if what you’re doing is working.
  • Annotate work done to see what’s working 
  • Report on your projects’ success and visualise results with sophisticated forecasting tools, charts, and dashboards


Gain valuable and unique insights from combining your existing owned data, best of breed 3rd party data and our proprietary data:

  • Analytics – Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics
  • Google Search Console – Search Impressions data
  • Majestic – largest most up-to-date backlink data
  • Our commercial database of >125mn keywords in >26 international markets
  • Site auditing & crawling
  • Graphing, clustering and semantic algorithms to extract meaning and forecast ROI
  • Extract the data to Google Big Query for SEO analysis in Google Data Studio, PowerBI or other SEO Dashboarding solutions
  • Platform API to extract data to your own systems
  • Powerful SERPs API for high-volume or ad-hoc keyword research

SEO Reporting

Create and schedule a series of custom, own branded reports in a variety of formats to meet the needs of your whole company:

  • PDF, Excel or .CSV
  • Extract reporting data using our powerful API
  • Create bespoke industry studies or research reports using our SERPs API
  • Schedule regular reports or download on-demand
  • Report automatically against campaign benchmarks, KPIs and targets set, market visibility, ranking data, analytics and link data in one place
  • Create beautiful reports in BI tools like Google Data Studio, PowerBI and Tableau or in other SEO Dashboarding solutions
  • Take advantage of our custom data feed to Google Big Query to reduce any API coding required

Be efficient, scale, and get results

We understand how brands and agency teams work, and so our software is designed support you with:

  • Powerful data analysis and reporting
  • Fast adoption and onboarding
  • Task and workflow systems, designed for SEO
  • Clear competitive advantages that help you outsmart competitors

Unique Strategic and Operational Data

Create better strategies and achieve more, faster. Not only is our data comprehensive and extensive, much of it is unique to Authoritas, and can become the source of your competitive advantage.

  • Get deep domain, page and keyword level data insights, immediately
  • Create strategies that grow revenue and succeed
  • Use smarter forecasts to grow channel investment
  • Provide business intelligence to key stakeholder teams

Discover why brands and agencies choose Authoritas

  • Get started fast with easy onboarding & training
  • Import and connect data from other platforms
  • Scale with your business, websites and markets
  • Up-skill teams with training & accreditation
  • Build workflows with tasks, reporting and alerts
Ben Foster

“Authoritas offers a complete solution for creating effective SEO strategies. Their enterprise-level “big data” market analysis, combined with many tools for on-the-job SEO management mean they are the platform of choice for us. Their account management and responsiveness is also first rate.”

Ben Foster
Managing Director, SEO Works

Research domain, page and keyword level SEO data