Tea Time SEO Talks

We are pleased to see how Tea Time SEO has been an opportunity for us to connect during these unprecedented times. We know it can be a tricky time for everyone as we are all working under new pressures, either isolating at home alone, or taking on a new part-time job as a teacher.
So, we wanted to encourage everyone to take a short 15 minute break to learn, connect and relax from the chaos of life at the moment. We have created a calendar of all of the talks we have had so far and links to all of the videos, blog posts and their slides on slideshare for you to access at any time. Enjoy!
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Tea Time SEO – eCommerce SEO

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We have a Tea Time Halloween special install for you on Thursday, October 29th. Bake yourself a scary treat or bring some to tea. Share them with us on our…
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Tea Time SEO – User Intent

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Next Thursday we are joined by Ben Garry, Dave Davies and Ric Rodriguez who will share their insights about user intent and why it is important. There are four different…
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Tea Time SEO Agenda July 30th

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Are you ready for our last week of Tea Time SEO before our summer break? We have a great line-up planned for you. Join us this Thursday at 4pm for…
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Tea Time SEO Agenda July 23rd

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This week on Tea Time SEO we have a great line up planned for you. Four speakers from from the Women in Tech SEO community will join us this Thursday.…

Tea Time SEO Agenda July 9th

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In July we are streaming Tea Time SEO, once a week on Thursdays at 4pm. We are hoping that you have learned a lot so far from our live-streams and…