Ultimate Guide to Content Strategy

Many people use the terms “plan” and “strategy” interchangeably. They are different but people can be confused and use them in the wrong context. A plan and a strategy are used to achieve the end goal.

A strategy is the overarching method for reaching that goal and is a long term effect, it can evolve. A plan is static and there are outline steps to achieve a single objective. A plan is short term or part of a short term strategy.

Within SEO, there are many different content strategies to implement. Depending on the budget, you may need to prioritise them.

At Tea Time SEO we had three well known search professionals share their experience with building a content strategy for:

  • Local Businesses
  • Blogs
  • eCommerce sites

There are of course a number of other industries to focus on where the content strategy will be different. However this guide should help you set up the “brilliant basics” for your company or client to help you improve your visibility and drive more traffic that converts.

You can watch our authors share their insights at Tea Time SEO here!

The Ultimate Guide to Content Audit - Table of Contents

About the Co-Authors

Dan Saunders

Dan has worked in marketing for 18 years. Within IDHL he works closely with the directors and heads of service to identify new business opportunities. Generating quality leads, following these up and consistently obtaining high conversion rates. Alongside this, he also works on his own ecommerce and Amazon store promoting other products and services where appropriate and generating referral leads. He is certainly very busy as his life has drastically changed during lock down. He had a little baby boy!


Hugo Whittaker

Hugo is an SEO Executive at Impression.

Hugo is an SEO Executive at Impression. He specialises in ecommerce SEO with a focus on international ecommerce SEO. Hugo is passionate about testing integrated digital strategies and leveraging new SERP features to increase the organic visibility of his clients. Hugo recently published a whitepaper detailing the different SERP features available on Google across desktop, mobile and voice, with tips on how to optimise for each feature.


Jason Barnard

Jason, The Brand SERP Guy has been in the digital marketing industry since 1998 and specialises in Brand SERPs (what appears when someone googles your name). Why “The Brand SERP Guy”? Because Jason has been studying, tracking and analysing Brand SERPs since 2013. Conclusion: Brand SERPs are your new business card, an honest critique of your content strategy and a reflection of your brand’s digital ecosystem. That should pique the interest of any marketer in any industry.

We’d like to thank our co-authors for sharing their expertise with us all and if you would like to contribute to this or any of our other Ultimate SEO Guide series then please get in touch.

If there are elements you want to add where you can draw from your own experience, please contact the marketing team.

Learn how to get your Content Strategy going with help from our great authors!

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