Ultimate Guide to eCommerce SEO

eCommerce has seen a phenomenal jump in visits last year due to the coronavirus pandemic. Retail sites received 22 billion global visits in June 2020, up from 16.07 billion visits in January. According to Wunderman Thomson, 43% of shoppers now feel more positive about shopping online and almost 40% are more comfortable with digital technology than before the outbreak and the retail shops closed. This means that eCommerce is set to grow even further in 2021 and if your site is not optimised and customers do not have the best experience, they will look and buy elsewhere.

At Tea Time SEO, we were joined by James Gurd, Maria Camanes and Larissa Bakker, whom with a combined 25 years of experience shared their eCommerce SEO tips with us.  If you would like to know how to get the perfect eCommerce site setup, then the combination of actionable tips on website development, user experience (UX) and search engine optimisation (SEO) for eCommerce stores will help you to get your online store setup perfectly.

The Ultimate Guide to eCommerce - Table of Contents

About the Co-Authors

Maria Camanes

Maria Camanes

Senior SEO Consultant at Builtvisible

Maria is a Senior SEO Consultant at Builtvisible, an organic digital agency based in London. With 7+ years SEO experience across sectors, she is passionate about optimising websites from a technical point of view and is particularly interested in eCommerce SEO and site speed optimisation. She is a regular trainer at BrightonSEO and enjoys sharing her knowledge through live webinars, blog posts and guides. She speaks 4 languages and loves travelling whilst capturing landscapes with her camera.

James Gurd

James Gurd

ecommerce strategy and replatforming consultant

James is an independent ecommerce strategy and replatforming consultant with more than 16 years’ experience working with companies including House of Fraser, Mars, Samsung, The Wine Society, Victoria Beckham, RSPB and Dr. Barbara Sturm. He helps organisations deliver ecommerce growth based on realistic plans and budgets and specialises in ecommerce replatforming, guiding organisations through the complexities of a new platform build or replatforming project, as a technology/solution agnostic independent consultant. He’s the co-founder of the popular #EcomChat Twitter networking group and the Re:platform podcast.

Larissa Bakker

Larissa Bakker

Senior inhouse SEO Manager

Larissa is a Senior inhouse SEO Manager with 7+ years of experience in e-commerce and affiliate companies in industries that are very SEO driven. She loves supporting newer SEOs in their development, finding creative ways to improve websites beyond the obvious measures and creating synergies with other teams. Larissa is originally from the Netherlands, but now lives in Munich, Germany.

A big thank you to our co-authors for giving up their time contributing to the Ultimate Guide to eCommerce SEO. 

If there are elements you want to add where you can draw from your own experience, please contact the marketing team.

Learn how to get your eCommerce Strategy going with help from our great authors!

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