Automotive Transformation Group – Transforming digital performance in the car industry

Specialising in SEO for the competitive car industry, ATG uses a suite of SEO tools from Authoritas to give it the insights it needs to produce and deliver robust organic growth plans for its clients. ATG has been working with Authoritas almost since we began developing SEO software for agencies back with the launch of Version 1 in 2011.

Have been using SEO software from Authoritas for over 10 years
Provide a complete SEO service to national retails and manufacturers
Offer Local SEO services to car dealers and fleet managers
Expert in-house team of SEO professionals use the platform daily

Automotive Transformation Group – Transforming digital performance in the car industry

ATG is one of the premier providers of automotive, omnichannel, and digital retailing solutions worldwide.

ATG’s solutions make buying cars easier for consumers by enabling car dealers, vehicle manufacturers and fleet suppliers with a range of digital marketing solutions that help them stay one step ahead of the competition.

One of the key strands in the marketing mix for all vehicle retailers and manufacturers is of course search engine optimisation.  

ATG’s Recipe for SEO success in the Automotive Industry

ATG’s NetDirector® ecommerce platform has SEO best practices baked-in which gives its clients a head start on the long and sometimes difficult road to the top of Google. It’s no wonder that it’s used by over 40% of UK automotive retailers.

Of course, having a great ecommerce platform gives any client a solid foundation to grow their organic traffic and sales.  However, much more is required to improve a brand’s presence in the search engines and the SEO team at ATG have a well-refined and methodical SEO programme which they systematically implement for their clients.  It’s this SEO activity honed over a decade of automotive industry experience that gives ATG and its clients a competitive edge.

How ATG implements Authoritas into its SEO workflow

ATG has been working with Authoritas almost since Authoritas began developing SEO software for agencies back with the launch of Version 1 in 2011.

Rob Best, SEO Manager
Automotive Transformation Group
“The SEO industry and Authoritas’ SEO platform have both come a long way since 2011”, says Rob Best, SEO Manager at ATG, “The market is moving faster than ever and we need a partner than can respond to Google algorithm, SERP or guidelines changes rapidly. Authoritas have been providing this to us since 2011 and we continue to find real value for our clients in the new and enhanced data and tools that are released every two weeks.”

Key SEO Tools

1.      Keyword Explorer - ATG uses this to quickly and easily identify and analyse which keywords are driving the most traffic to their clients’ websites.  The User Intent score from Authoritas adds a useful layer of refinement, so the team can focus on keyword terms with strong commercial intent.

2.      Visibility Explorer - the ATG team can use this to compare their clients’ websites to their competitors, allowing them to see changes in organic visibility and undertake competitive gap analysis with ease.

3.      AI Content Assistant - There’s been a lot of hype recently about Chat-GPT.  Well, ATG and Authoritas have been ahead of the game for some time with the implementation of the OpenAI GPT powered Content Assistant.  The tool allows you to create or re-write meta titles and meta descriptions in bulk, and crucially has an in-built workflow editor so that all AI generated content can be reviewed and edited by a human editor before being published.

4.      SEO Reporting - All SEO agencies need to be able to track the progress of their SEO efforts in order to demonstrate to their clients the value of their SEO services.   ATG does this effortlessly having implemented the Big Query and Looker (formerly Google) Data Studio integration.  This allows them to standardise reporting across all clients whilst having the flexibility to produce a custom report for a particular client when required.

5.      Support for Ad-hoc data requests - The Authoritas team have a range of big data-driven tools at their disposal which can often be used to collect or analyse specific data in bulk.    For example; sometimes you just need to know all the electric car search terms and questions consumers are asking!


Customer Service & Support

The ATG and Authoritas team have recurring monthly meetings to share and discuss what’s happened in the industry and the implications for the automotive industry.

These often become mini-workshops, where the teams discuss how data and technology can be deployed to give ATG’s clients a ranking advantage or to help further streamline the ATG team’s SEO process.

These discussions sometimes result in ad-hoc data requests or analyses which Authoritas delivers. E.g. Discovering ~100,000 questions that consumers are asking about car marques!

Ultimately, these sessions give ATG the inside track on the future Authoritas product roadmap, whilst providing the Authoritas product team with real insights into how to continually improve the software to deliver an even better ROI for its clients.

“We really enjoy our regular sessions with senior members of the Authoritas team.  We’re 100% committed to achieving the best possible SEO results for our clients and it’s great to know that we’ve got a long-standing partner listening, supporting and developing optimisation tools that will help us achieve our goals.  We’re excited about the migration from V7 to V8 of the platform in 2023 and looking forward to continuing over a decade’s worth of collaboration”.