Kalicube - Using the Authoritas SERPs API to get unparalleled Google Knowledge Graph insights

Kalicube Pro is software designed by Jason "The Brand SERPs guy" Barnard, an SEO industry veteran who specialises in helping brand manage their branded presence on search engines. Kalicube Pro uses the feature rich Authoritas SERPs API due to its unrivalled ability to extract the minutiae of detail from Google Knowledge panels that is necessary to optimise your site for brand SERPs.

Extensive use of the Authoritas SERPs API to power Kalicube's SEO software
Detailed analysis of Google Knowledge panels
In-depth SERP Feature analysis
Fresh SERP Data for millions of keywords updated on-demand


Digital marketing agencies are always looking for ways to improve their clients' online presence. One key area of focus is optimising brand SERPs and managing search engine knowledge panels.

A great brand SERP can help boost a brand’s image when prospective clients are researching them and can help reinforce the right brand persona helping to close sales.  Being in Google's Knowledge Graph is also vital for E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise,Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) signals, which can impact rankings.

This case study illustrates the utilisation of the Authoritas Keyword Ranking API by Kalicube Pro in achieving these objectives for major brands and the SEO agencies that represent them.


Kalicube Pro is a SaaS platform that enables ORM, PR and digital marketing agencies to manage the branded presence of companies and people on Google. In Entity SEO, this means managing and optimizing the Cornerstone Entities.  

To achieve this, Kalicube requires high volume, daily access to search engine results pages (SERPs data) from Google and other search engines.  This data needs to be accurate and highly detailed, particularly with regard to the information extracted from Google Knowledge panels.

Whilst, there are many keyword ranking and SERPs APIs available to SEOs today, Kalicube has been working with the Authoritas SERPs API for several years now, as it has proved to be the only API on the market that reliably and consistently extracts all the relevant metadata about a focus entity or cornerstone entity.

The Problem

Many digital marketing agencies struggle to effectively manage their clients' branded presence on Google. This can lead to inaccurate or incomplete information in the Knowledge Panel and an inability to fully leverage E-E-A-T signals.

The Solution

Kalicube Pro’s brand SERPs software, powered by the Authoritas SERPs API, provides a comprehensive solution for managing and optimising brand SERPs and knowledge panels that no other major SEO platforms really cater for.

Kalicube Pro queries the Authoritas SERPs API with relevant keyword phrases in different languages and countries, then extracts and analyses valuable information from the SERP, in particular the Google Knowledge panels. Kalicube Pro’s proprietary algorithms then map this data to data from Google’s Knowledge Graph and use that analysis to track and measure which entities are not in the main Knowledge Graph and which are present and whether the relationships exist within the Knowledge graph.

Kaicube Pro - software screenshot

Many agencies use Kalicube Pro to efficiently and effectively "spring clean" their client's digital ecosystem and create a prioritised task list for improving the brand’s presence on Google.

The Kalicube Process

  1. Query the Authoritas SERPs API with  keywords relating to entities relevant to a brand’s ecosystem (company, brand and product names, key people, etc) to extract detailed information from the SERPs, Google Knowledge panels and the Google Knowledge Graph.
  2. Compile a full list of first, second, and third online assets that make up the digital ecosystem of the company or person.
  3. Generate a prioritised list according to the relative importance of each to Google's Knowledge Graph algorithms. This includes clarifying facts about the company or person for Google; triggering, enriching, or correcting a Knowledge panel, and maximising E-E-A-T signals.

Kalicube Pro then provides ongoing tracking, updates, and reports on the company or person's digital ecosystem, Knowledge panel, and E-E-A-T signals.

Kalicube software in action optimising the brand SERP


By using Kalicube Pro and the Authoritas SERPs API, digital marketing agencies can effectively manage and optimise their clients' branded presence on Google. This leads to accurate and complete information in the Google Knowledge Panel, improved visibility in the Google Knowledge Graph, and better leveraging of E-E-A-T signals, which leads to improved rankings across the board.


"The Authoritas Keyword Ranking API has proven to be an invaluable tool for Kalicube. It has allowed us to gather significant amounts of data (hundreds of millions of data points), providing us with invaluable insights on how Google processes information. This understanding has enabled us to optimise thousands of Brand SERPs, Knowledge Panels, and push relevant information into the Knowledge Graph in an ethical and effective manner. It is worth noting that the potential for abuse in the Knowledge Panel is a prevalent concern for Google, making Kalicube Pro even more critical in today's digital landscape."     

Jason Barnard
Jason “The Brand SERP guy” Barnard
CEO & Founder – Kalicube.pro