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How Authoritas helps?

The fantastic thing about Authoritas is that they are continually adapting and innovating their software’s capabilities in line with the latest developments in search. This is key in an ever-changing industry, where what’s relevant to analyse right at this moment may well change a year or two down the line. Since we’ve started using Authoritas software – we’ve been able to achieve a lot of great awards like: 

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Universal Rankings

An example of this is the ‘Universal Rankings’ module they introduced. This module massively assists us in finding opportunities beyond the typical paid and organic search results. This module helps us to identify which questions were being presented in Google’s ‘People Also Ask’ results and whether a ‘Direct Answer’ is being presented for any given search phrase.


Authoritas SEO & Content Marketing Optimization

We utilised this tool for Weldricks, one of the UK’s leading online pharmacies. With the ability to quickly identify question-based queries that are being actively searched for, we are able to shape some targeted content pieces around our findings.

Understanding related questions around specific terms also allows us to provide a more comprehensive and informative result for more generic search terms.

Authoritas SEO & Content Marketing Software

Market Intelligence and Content Strategy Automation  

A more recent development of theirs is the Marketshare module which utilises Big Data and data science algorithms to provide insights in your marketplace (or that of your clients’).

What stands out with the way Authoritas presents their data, compared to better-known tools such as SEMRush and SearchMetrics, is their ability to drill down to find keywords that are actually relevant to your business (or your clients’). Not simply keywords that supposed search “competitors” (which will likely include Amazon / Wikipedia) share in common.

With the vast amount of data that’s available and presented in easily navigable modules, we’ve found you can make really interesting deductions.

An example is the ability to show true market value – which is basically how much it would cost, theoretically, to pay for the potential available traffic via AdWords. This has been of great help when pitching to larger clients.

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