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User intent has not always been seen as important in SEO, but this has certainly changed in the past few years. At Authoritas we have user intent within our software to help you tailor your content to the buyers’ stage, whether they are just researching for a product or service or if they are in the position and ready to purchase from you.

We seem to have talked about User Intent a lot this year and will no doubt be doing the same next year as we plan to roll-out some advanced new tools to help SEOs produce content that Google will rank well!


In February, Laurence O’Toole shared how the Authoritas team thinks about User Intent and why we avoid calling it ‘Keyword Intent.  This blog post is a good primer and answers many of the common questions around User Intent.

Becky Simms, Christopher Hofman Laursen and Laurent Bourrelly joined us on Tea Time SEO in April to talk about “Understanding User Intent” and “How to use User Intent to unlock new insights”.


In May 2020, we released new user intent features within the keyword ranking module of our software to help you tailor your content to the buyers’ stage and deliver the content Google wants to serve for a specific user intent.

We touched upon user intent again in our recently published on-page SEO guide and we delved into it even further when Ben Garry, Dave Davies and Ric Rodriguez joined us for Tea Time SEO on User Intent in October 2020 and shared their insights with us.

Ben Garry and Dave Davies joined us for Tea Time SEO in 2020 and shared their insights with us. Ben touches upon the different types of user intent, whereas Dave shares how to use the knowledge behind what user intent is and how to make better predictions about how it’s used by the search engines.

A big thank you to our co-authors for giving up their time and sharing their expertise with us.

The Ultimate Guide to User Intent - Table of Contents

About the Co-Authors


Ben Garry

Content Specialist

Ben is a content specialist at Impression, focusing on on-site SEO and content optimisation, as well as co-hosting Impression’s RankUp SEO podcast. He’s spent his SEO career at Impression, joining while still a student in 2016. Now he splits his time between providing specialist on-page work for Impression’s largest clients and leading SEO strategies. Alongside working from home in the last 8 months, he’s enjoyed walking in the beautiful Vale of Belvoir and spending time with friends in the virtual world of online board games.


Dave Davies

Owner of Beanstalk Internet Marketing

Dave Davies holds the regal title of Duke of URL over at Beanstalk Internet Marketing, which he started back in 2004 with his wife, the Lady Mary.

Having survived the economic crash of 2008/2009, both Dave and Mary have experience in what was about to happen in the early COVID-19 days with budgets contracting and consumer behavior changing dramatically. They therefore viewed much of what 2020 had in store as an opportunity. This was the opportunity to learn, to develop new skills, and to work with clients to capture market share while it was on sale.

In this guide, Dave will be exploring how to use the knowledge behind what user intent is, to make better predictions about how it’s used by the search engines and what you can do to maximize the likelihood that you’ll meet it with your content and formats (and even a bit on how to tell if you’re not).

Jump in and learn about User Intent from our great speakers here!

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