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A *NEW* Keyword Research Tool: the Keyword Explorer

July 23, 2021
2 min
A *NEW* Keyword Research Tool: the Keyword Explorer

This week we’re pleased to announce that we’re releasing a new module – the Keyword Explorer tool. Along with other “explorer” tools in the platform (and ones we’re developing for page and link analysis) this is free to use – in this case to allow you to explore keyword and content ideas.

Getting Started

To use the module, simply enter up to ten “seed” keywords and choose a market.

Free Keyword Research Tool

It should take a second or so to generate up to 1,000 keyword suggestions, along with their respective metrics:

  • Average Search Volume
  • Average CPC ($)
  • Top Ranking URL
  • Tracked (Y/N – i.e. whether you’re currently tracking that keyword in your selected project)
  • Your Rank (your universal rank, if the primary domain on your project is ranking for this keyword)
  • The Top Ranking URL
  • The SERPs Features Google is displaying for each keyword
  • User Intent

Advanced Keyword Research Filters

To get this data we look at the ranking sites for your keywords and keywords that competing ranking sites rank for, from our database of 125 million (and growing!) keywords. Doing this means we way don’t limit our suggestions to keyword phrases that contain your search term and gives you better keyword suggestions.

Keyword research results table
Keyword research results table

Keyword Research Widgets

Once the data has loaded you will see the widgets at the top of the module which show the Total Average Search Volume and Average CPC for your keyword search. We use data from Google Adwords to ensure this data is accurate to help you make even more informed decisions.

Universal SERP feature tracking

We track over 40 different SERP features that Google display, in this tool we tell you which of these features are ranking, helping you strategise how you can rank for these features.


Finally, you can filter the resulting list of suggestions through filters, based on the metrics we gather for you, making it easier for you to find keywords which have the greater chance of ranking for.

Available filters

Not sure what to do once you have all this data? Read through the Keyword Research Ultimate Guide to help you make the most of the data!

What’s Next?

We’re planning on to add a Keyword Difficulty indicator in the table. This will help you see the Keyword Difficulty of each suggestion to help you target keywords that are relevant for you more easily.

Keyword difficulty

We are also working on increasing and expanding to have an even greater international coverage for our big database.

Update: February 2023 - We now cover 50 countries and languages.

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