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Track Your Rankings within the Local Pack with the SERPs API

November 4, 2020
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Track Your Rankings within the Local Pack with the SERPs API

If you’re doing anything with Local SEO right now, you’ll want to read about this update to our Keyword Ranking API.

If this is new to you, then you can read more about the capabilities of our powerful SERPs API here. For those who are already familiar with our API, then you will be pleased to hear about a recent addition to its functionality which allows you to programmatically track your rankings within Google’s Local Pack.

You can extract local business listings from Google in two ways:

i) The extraction of Google Local listings data (currently 3 listings) that appear in web search (see image below). This is part of our existing, standard API functionality.

ii) The extraction of many more local listings from Google Local. This is the ‘local’ section of Google that a user is taken to when they click on the ‘View all’ or ‘More’ link under the 3 listings in web search. This is the new Local API service we can now offer.

Google Local Pack Extraction in Web Search

Google SERP ocal pack parsing
Google SERP ocal pack parsing

We already scrape the Local Pack as it appears in the SERPs and this is what it looks like once it had been parsed by the API:

Google Local JSON data

However, when you click through on any of the results in the pack, Google takes you to its Google Local service:

We can now crawl Google Local listings at scale

Google Maps rankings

​The order of results is important here, as typically the top three results on this page would show up in the Local Pack in the SERPs, so it’s important to monitor your local business’ ranking in this page and now, we can help you do just that with our SERPs API.

​All you need to do to make use of this feature, is to simply change the search engine you specify when you make a SERPs API request from ‘google’ to ‘google_local’ and the API will return an API response like this:

Google Maps JSON

You’ll notice that as well as scraping the order of results, we’re also retrieving the following:

  • Business category
  • Address and phone numbers
  • Extras (details which would been have added to a GMB listing)
  • Ratings
  • Reviews
  • Website links

All the above details are useful if you’re a local business owner wanting to check how you’re optimised for local SEO or if you’re working for an agency optimising the local SEO visibility for local business clients.

Hyperlocal Google Keyword Ranking queries anywhere in the world

This new Google Places or Google Local service is perfect for anyone who wants to track multiple websites across multiple locations worldwide.

What is unique to our service is our ability to geolocate the query to a specific location, even to a shopfront or your doorstep (give or take a few metres).

Other SEO APIs only allow you to geolocate your queries to a town or postcode/zipcode – but we uniquely allow you to specify an exact decimal latitude and longitude in your API call which we pass on to Google via the web browser. By using a real web browser and behaving like a real user when we request results, we go to greater lengths than any other SEO data provider to get you location accurate SEO results.

Needless to say, this is absolutely essential when tracking results in Google Local. You cannot rely on other keyword ranking APIs that manipulate URLs or use clever SEO parameters to try and trick the search engines into thinking they are in a particular location. Real-users don’t manipulate URLs like this and neither should your provider of critical SEO data.

So, that’s another lot of really useful digital data for you to play with. If you have any feedback at all about this feature, the SERPs API or our SEO platform, we’d love to hear from you and we’d also love to see what you’re building using our data.

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