Competitive Site Audit

A video tutorial on the Competitive Site Audit component in the Analytics SEO platform.

[youtube id=”F10oawKiNTo”]

We perform a daily site audit against your competitors to show how you compare across a number of different factors that are part of our fundamental SEO checks. We keep track of the results so that you can use this as another indicator that your SEO campaign is going in the right direction.

This is a good example of how we can different sources of data and produce one really useful component.

For example, you can see here that we have imported MajesticSEO data – number of inbound links, unique referring domains, unique referring IPs and C-Class subnets, as well as the number of pages MajesticSEO has in its fresh index as compared to the search engines.

We also include a deep link ratio score, plus all the basic site health check data, and then analyse the respective domain ages, Page Ranks and Alexa rank scores.

Then we take all these factors into account when producing our own summary score here and this will show you your site’s respective position against up to five competitors (and of course, the change since the campaign started).

It can be useful for an SEO agency to use this table to help set realistic expectations at the start of an SEO campaign. It exports nicely in either CSV XLS or PPT format and can be included in full if you’re using the system to run pre-sales reports if you’re an agency trying to generate new SEO business.

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