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v5.4.1 - Yandex support!

December 17, 2013
1 min
v5.4.1 - Yandex support!

We made a small release today to add support to the platform for keyword rank tracking in Yandex. This might seem like a small update, but it actually consumed quite a lot of development time, as we found the Yandex markup to be quite a bit different to other search engines’ markup.

At the moment, the support is for Yandex (Global) with a language setting of English only; we plan to add additional options at a later date.

So, if you want to track rankings for both and, you now can! Just create a new campaign or edit an existing one and you’ll see that Yandex is now the fourth option behind Google, Yahoo and Bing:


When we’ve completed the next ranking job, Yandex ranks will show up under the red and white Yandex icon:


We still plan to add support for Baidu and Naver soon. If there are any other search engine variants (we already support 114!) you would like to see supported in the platform, please let us know either via Twitter ( or by email (

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