How to Perform a Competitor Audit

Analysing competitors’ performance in the marketplace can sometimes help you to get buy-in for an SEO project from your client, or, if you are in-house, from your senior management team. This is particularly true if competitors are executing a strategy that you had wanted to pursue and would have been beneficial to your company.

Carla Thomas and Emily Brady joined us for Tea Time SEO in 2020 and shared their insights with us around competitor analysis in SEO. Carla looked at the analysis in some of the more competitive markets such as finance and insurance. Emily went into the detail about a content gap analysis which is of course very important when prioritising on-page SEO.

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The Ultimate Guide to Competitor Analysis - Table of Contents

About the Co-Authors

Carla Thomas

Content Strategy Consultant at Builtvisible

Carla is a Content Strategy Consultant at London-based organic performance agency Builtvisible, specialising in on-page optimisation, link building and digital PR. With a marketing career spanning over five years her portfolio includes top e-commerce, leisure and insurance clients. Extremely passionate about creativity, this can be seen through her ‘outside the box’ thinking and results-driven approach. Outside of work she is a resident foodie, avid reader, traveller and film addict.

Emily Brady

Sr. Manager, Local SEO Solutions at Milestone Inc

For the past seven years, she’s worked alongside SMBs, national brands, and Scorpion’s SEO team to create SEO strategies that bring about meaningful success in the businesses – and lives – of Scorpion partners. When she isn’t building SEO campaigns, she’s haunting independent bookstores or watching Netflix at home with her husband and their two cats. She doesn’t have a favourite sports team, but she does love discovering new ways to give brands and businesses the competitive edge they need in search results – because when they win, she wins.


Jo Juliana Turnbull

Growth Marketer at Authoritas

Jo also known as SEO Jo Blogs is Growth Marketer at Authoritas. She is a Chartered Marketer with over 12 years of experience in SEO and online marketing. She is also the organiser of one of the largest and longest running networking groups called Search London since October 2010. SEO Jo runs Turn Digi an online event which supports entrepreneurs, rising talent and has a diverse range of speakers. Outside of work she is a mentor to other business professionals,is an #IamRemarkable Facilitator and shares budget travel tips on her blog She was a Global Freelancer of the Year Finalist in 2020.

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Learn how to get your Competitor Audit going with help from our great authors!

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