Ultimate Guide to On-Page SEO

This is one of a series of expert community-authored guides on different important aspects of search engine optimisation, this guide goes into detail about how to improve your On-Page SEO strategy.

Google makes thousands of minor algorithm updates a year (3,620 in 2019 alone) and we’re on a mission to help you keep up with the changes affecting your website. Together with our SEO expert authors, we plan to maintain these guides as a current resource of useful, pragmatic advice for SEOs that can have a positive influence on your site’s organic sessions over time.

As community authored guides, you are welcome, not just to read and share these pages, but to also contribute through questions, comments or suggestions and should you so desire you are welcome to offer to write additional sections that need improvement or cover important gaps in these guides.

The Ultimate Guide to On-Page SEO - Table of Contents

Benefits of On-Page Optimisation

Effective on-page SEO has always been a foundational element to any successful SEO campaign. However, what constitutes good on-page SEO techniques today is a far cry from the ‘good old days’ of keyword stuffing Meta titles, descriptions and keyword tags or stuffing keywords and synonyms in heading tags and your page content.

Larry Page once described the perfect search engine as, “exactly understanding the user’s intentions and giving them the exact answer they are looking for”.

Your primary goal with on-page SEO in 2020/21 is to ensure that your pages provide the best answers for the queries and questions your prospective customers are typing (or speaking) into Google. Because that is what Google wants to deliver to its users.

So putting together great content is key. But your competitors are also attempting to do the same. So all other things being equal, other factors such as on-page usability and user experience, as measured by Google, become increasingly important factors in ensuring that you beat your competitors to top spot.

This guide to on-page SEO, or page-level optimisation as it is sometimes referred to, is designed to help you navigate through the relevant ranking factors that you need to consider when designing and constructing your website and writing your content.

There are a number of different areas to get right. Excelling in one is not enough; to win you need to take a ‘Slight Edge Philosophy” and try and benchmark yourself against your key competitors across all these factors and be that little bit better than them across the board.

Of course, that’s easier said than done. But hopefully, this guide or checklist will help you navigate what you need to do to improve your rankings to generate more relevant traffic that converts.

We’d like to thank our co-authors for sharing their expertise with us all and if you would like to contribute to this or any of our other Ultimate SEO Guide series then please get in touch.

About the Co-Authors


Laurence O’Toole

Authoritas CEO

An entrepreneur with 20+ years’ experience in consumer and B2B internet product development, sales and marketing. His experience includes spells in corporate life with Fujitsu & Thomson Directories and in the last couple of years his own boot-strapped ventures.

Along the way, he’s built a successful online directory and PPC platform for SMEs, successfully partnering with Google, Microsoft and Yahoo. He’s developed downloadable golf lessons with famous golf coaches and built an advertising funded golf community (not his best idea!). His current venture Authoritas is a big data science-driven SaaS platform for Content Marketing and SEO Professionals worldwide.

Rebekah Dunne

Content Executive at Sweet Digital

Rebekah has been operating in the digital space for over five years. She began her journey as a content writer before gaining experience in SEO, PPC and social media. Today, she focuses on producing engaging content that meets her readers’ needs.


Cheryl Luzet

CEO at Digital Marketing Agency Wagada

Cheryl Luzet set up digital marketing agency Wagada in 2011 with the plan of ‘doing a bit of freelance work’ while her children were small. 9 years later she employs 13 people and they work out of a former mill in St Albans. The business won a Search Award in 2018 and numerous other awards, including workplace wellbeing in 2019. Having hated everywhere she has ever worked previously, Cheryl was determined to create a positive working environment at Wagada. Happy staff = happy clients.


Himani Kankaria

eCommerce Marketing Consultant at eComKeeda

Himani Kankaria is an eCommerce Marketing Consultant at eComKeeda and an independent digital strategist for B2B companies. With more than 10 years in digital marketing, she helps B2B companies with creating data-driven integrated and channel-specific marketing strategies with specialization in on-site SEO and content to achieve more than 800% growth in overall website traffic and 200% growth in leads YoY.

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