Chapter 8 - Useful SEO Tools for page level optimisation

As you probably know, Authoritas is a comprehensive cloud-based SaaS platform for SEO and content marketing professionals and as such we have many of our own SEO tools that cover all the essential optimisation areas an SEO needs to consider.

However, we also recognise that as SEOs we use many great tools to help us excel in our day-to-day roles and here we’ve included some of the favourite tools that we use or our expert co-author use to help with different aspects of on-page optimisation.

Some are free, some are paid. We also invite you to share in the comments below any we may have missed and what you particularly like about a particular tool.

The 4 types of Search Intent

SEO Tools for User Intent

Authoritas SERPs API and SEO platform

Content Tools for assessing Page Quality

Tools for assessing the content on the page and where it needs to be optimised is:

  1. SEMRush
  2. ContentKing

User Experience Testing Tools

Google’s free mobile friendly test –

Smart Bear – Cross platform browser testing –

Page Experience Testing Tools

Google’s Lighthouse tools –

Google Page Speed Insights –

GT Metrix –

Lighthouse’s CI tool

Image Compression Tools

Imgix – they have a nice free tool to test the impact images have on your page

Cloudinary – Combining image compression and CDN

Content Delivery Networks

Tip# – Use CDNs that blogs extensively about page speed. They demonstrate that they care about solving the issues we all face to make legacy websites faster and faster.

Cloudflare – CDN and DDOS protection
Kinsta – they have some great articles on how to speed up your WordPress website.

Website Crawling & Internal Link Analysis

Authoritas’ Site Crawling module

External Link Profile Analysis

Google Search Console
Authoritas’ Backlink profiling module

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