New SERPS API features!

November 28, 2016By Matt O'TooleSoftware Updates

Thirteen NEW SERPS API Features! TL:DR – our API is now fully-featured and awesome! Thirteen might be an unlucky number for some, but not if you’ve been planning on using our API as we’ve just released some major new updates to our REST-based SERPS API, so you’re now able to use it to parse any … Read More

Updated Feature: Crawl Health Module

October 25, 2016By Lauren AdieSoftware Updates

We’re updating again! We’ve updated the Crawl Health module within our core platform. This is a great update as the data now depicted gives you a greater depth of crawl analysis. These changes are now live! The new table for the Crawl Health module is shown in the screen shot below: As you can see, … Read More

New Feature: Keyword Tagging

July 21, 2016By Lauren AdieSoftware Updates

Another hot day in the UK brings another hot new Analytics SEO platform feature! Today we released a sweet new Keyword Tagging feature. This is a fantastic new way in which to assess how your keywords are performing by categorizing them appropriately. Keyword tagging will be available to everyone who has access to the platform. … Read More

New Feature: Site Tagging

July 4, 2016By Lauren AdieSoftware Updates

Manage and compare performance across different teams, brands, countries and more! We have recently launched a new Site Tagging feature, which allows you to tag your sites within the platform. This provides a much easier way of organizing your sites, as you can add as many tags as you like to any one URL, but … Read More

Platform update: Now displaying Google Analytics Segments

December 7, 2015By David BainSoftware Updates

We’re pleased to announce that you can now integrate specific Google Analytics segments (both built-in and custom created) in the Analytics SEO platform when configuring a site. This added functionality allows you to filter out data that you may not wish to include, making analysis much easier. For instance, if you are only concerned with mobile traffic for … Read More


November 9, 2015By David BainSoftware Updates

One of the most popular pages in our platform is our Dashboard KPIs page. It’s a one-stop overview of how your site’s been performing, this week versus last week (you can also compare by monthly, yearly & quarterly). We want to make sure that from the Dashboard KPIs page you can get a quick overview … Read More

New Platform Update: Categorising Competitor Domains inside Market Visibility

November 5, 2015By David BainSoftware Updates

Back in July we introduced a significant, new module into the Analytics SEO Platform – Market Visibility. In this module we assess your site’s overall organic ‘visibility’ for all your monitored keywords against all sites ranking in the top 2 pages of the SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Pages). Today’s update lets you benchmark your total visibility against competitors … Read More