New SERPS API features!

November 28, 2016By Matt O'TooleSoftware Updates

Thirteen NEW SERPS API Features! TL:DR – our API is now fully-featured and awesome! Thirteen might be an unlucky number for some, but not if you’ve been planning on using our API as we’ve just released some major new updates to our REST-based SERPS API, so you’re now able to use it to parse any … Read More

Market Visibility – New Module in the Analytics SEO Platform

July 29, 2015By Matt O'TooleSoftware Updates

We’re pleased to announce the release of a new module in our Analytics SEO Platform called Market Visibility. This can be found under the Market Analysis section inside the platform. In this module we assess your site’s overall organic ‘visibility’ for all your monitored keywords against all sites ranking in the top 2 pages of the SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Pages) for … Read More

A survey on our scoring system!

October 20, 2014By Matt O'TooleSEO Advice

We’re asking for your feedback here. We’ve had a scoring system in place for a lot of modules in the platform for several years now and it’s often caused some controversy. As a result, we’re reviewing our use of scoring mechanisms within the software and would welcome your input. Some of our modules have been deliberately … Read More

A new User Interface!

September 17, 2014By Matt O'TooleSoftware Updates

Today, we’re launching Version 5.6 of our platform which includes the move to a whole new look and feel with a new User Interface, together with a host of new features. A new (collapsible) Menu Experienced users of the platform will notice that we’ve moved the navigational elements to the left. This is a collapsible … Read More

Version 5.5.2 – 9 more search engine variants added!

June 19, 2014By Matt O'TooleSoftware Updates

Yesterday, we deployed another update, adding support for another 9 search engine variants to the platform (all as a result of customer requests). In case, you don’t recognize the flags, these are: Google Latvia Google Lithuania Google Estonia Google Cyprus Google Iraq Google Macedonia Google Tanzania Google Uganda Yahoo Japan Remember, to add these to … Read More

Keyword Data (now provided)!

April 23, 2014By Matt O'TooleSoftware Updates

This morning, we deployed v5.5. of the platform, which includes the rollout of a new IntelliTraffic™ algorithm which we will be using to restore your keyword visit data. This represents the end (hopefully) of a long project we began in the autumn of 2013 to help our customers deal with the whole ‘not provided’ issue. … Read More

v.5.4.5 – Baidu keyword ranking support!

January 30, 2014By Matt O'TooleSoftware Updates

We released version 5.4.5 this morning which added support for keyword ranking checks on Baidu. A good number of our customers were asking us to add this, because they had web properties in China or customers with websites targeting the Chinese market. China, is of course, the most populous nation on earth, so whilst we … Read More

More SEMRush keyword data (Impressions and CPC)

January 14, 2014By Matt O'TooleSoftware Updates

This is a pretty straightforward update. Version 5.4.4 (released today) added more data from SEMRush into the Monitored Keywords task table and the Keyword Research Suggestions table, principally a refresh button (for Pro+ customers to use) and CPC and Impressions data for each keyword:   To get to this area of the platform, either: Go … Read More