The Authoritas 6-Step SEO & Content Marketing Process

Introducing the Authoritas 6-Step SEO and Content Marketing Process

The Authoritas platform is aimed at large agencies and enterprises who want to create a continuous process of improvement that helps systematically increase team efficiency and results. This is why we have created a flexible 6-step SEO and Content Marketing Process to help you reach these goals.

This process is supported with a comprehensive array of agile tools and data to help you achieve more success in less time. We help you optimize the way you work to give every chance of producing a better result with your current team and resources.

This process will help both the individuals within your team and the team as a whole continuously learn, communicate, discuss, adapt and refine your approach to your SEO and content marketing campaigns.

Benchmarking and goal setting

Every marketing campaign should start with an analysis of the current situation, competitive benchmarking and gap analysis. From here you can take stock of the opportunities and your resources and set a strategy and measurable goals for your campaign. The platform is built to support this whole process for example, the Results vs Targets module allows you to clearly communicate progress against your goals. If you have configured your Google Analytics to track goals and configured our system to track specific targets, then this module will show you how well you are doing against those targets and the automatic benchmarks taken at the start of your campaign.

Effective collaboration, communication and cooperation

Integrating all the SEO data and content marketing insights you’ll ever need in one place is great, but the real value is delivered when you can collaborate and act on these insights in context with a range of powerful team management, productivity and collaboration tools. For instance, the task table provides a built-in workflow for you and your team to use. It keeps you informed and on track and is great for team collaboration where a single client account or site is worked on by multiple people. You are able to see comments from other people regarding any issues. It also has a reminder functionality which is handy if you are working on a lengthy issue and have to return to it.

If you are an agency and have white-labelled the platform and given your clients login details, you can notify them when there is work to be done. It is also particularity helpful when you have an international team that works across time zones. These agile tools help scale your business efforts across hundreds or even thousands of different campaigns.

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