The Authoritas 6-Step SEO & Content Marketing Process: Audit

2. Audit

The research process (and our tools and data) will have helped paint a picture of your market,  the demand from your audience, the gap versus the competition and the best opportunities for your brand to consider. The ‘Audit’ phase now helps you to analyze and evaluate key website performance versus the competition. The platform does a complete crawl of your website to find the technical SEO issues your site may be facing. Some of these errors include: page errors, site structure, page speeds and bounce rate. We also analyze the quality of your content for SEO issues as well as the popularity of your content in terms of social shares and links. Finally, we undertake a detailed competitive backlink profile analysis to help you understand how far ahead or behind you are.

Site architecture, structure and errors

In order to improve your SEO and content marketing strategy, you need to know what requires improvement. We systematically crawl your website once a week to look for these errors. They could range from 5xx errors to whether or not your site has an HTML sitemap or robots.txt files.

Page structure and errors

It is important to know if any of your website pages have any errors. These errors can include unfriendly URLs, 404s, 301 and 302 redirects to name a few. If your pages have unfriendly URLs for example, the search engines might not be able to crawl and index these pages therefore resulting in them not appearing in the SERPs.

Content quality and user experience (UX) research

We analyze your home page each week and check for page speed issues. The longer it takes for a page to load the more likely it is that the user will revert back to the original page or away from the site altogether. For this reason, we do a comparison of your server response time with that of your competitors.

Quality content also plays an important role in UX. If a user finds themselves on a landing page which contains content they weren’t expecting, or do not find it particularly interesting, this user would be inclined to leave the site as well. This is why we suggest content topics for your site based on data science-driven insights. These content suggestions are calculated based on what your customers and potential customers are searching for, as well as what your competitors are doing which you are not.

Link profile and quality

For pages you want indexed in Google, it is sometimes necessary to improve your internal link structure and external backlink profile. You are able to investigate this by identifying the individual pages of your site that you need to build more internal and/or external links to.

Social sharing

Social Media is increasingly important for most businesses these days. It is a platform in which to grow your brand and also sell your product or service. Our platform collates social sharing metrics including Facebook comment and shares, Google +1s, LinkedIn shares and Stumbles, so you can audit how effective your content marketing campaign is at attracting social traction and backlinks.

Key features to support your auditing process

Technical Auditing –  make sure your site is technically sound with a comprehensive analysis of key website and SEO performance issues.

Crawl Health – crawl your site to find technical and content issues which are holding you back

Content Audit – spot content and meta data issues that impact your SEO

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