The Authoritas 6-Step SEO & Content Marketing Process: Measure

6. Measure

The final stage in the SEO and Content Marketing Process is measuring your performance. Analyzing the insights that were given, assessing the impact of your actions and continuously refining your approach is how you will reach your goals as an individual and as a team.

Leading indicators

It is important for marketers to continually evaluate their marketing efforts against their predetermined targets. This helps to monitor the progress and success of the campaigns that are running. The leading indicators for the measurement of success within the platform are Google Analytics and Google Search Console integration as well as the platform’s Market Share and Market Visibility features.

Contributory factors

We also have a number of other contributory indicators that specify how well your campaigns have been doing. Your keyword rankings for local, desktop and mobile are a strong indication of whether or not your campaigns are working successfully. We also provide you with your keyword visit data with our ‘Not Provided’ solution. The platform gives you an indication of how well your content is performing as well as your link profile changes.

Key features to support the measurement of your performance

Analytics Integration – additional practical insights for more useful reporting

Automated Reports – create and schedule your own branded custom reports

Multi-Site Management – see all your performance KPIs for all of your sites on one screen to help you to track the performance of different teams

International SEO – track and measure the performance of all your websites globally from one platform

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