The Authoritas 6-Step SEO & Content Marketing Process: Outreach

5. Outreach

This is the outreach stage in which your promote and distribute your content. Listening, participating, sharing and engaging with other content distributors and influencers in your industry is how you get your content noticed. This means that you should be engaging with others before your content is even created, aiding in continuous relationship building as well as the production of quality content which will hopefully be shared and spoken about.

Listen, participate and engage

Online marketing has changed considerably over the last few years. It is incredibly important to engage with your customers and potential customers online rather than just giving them a sales pitch. This helps you build relationships with them to find out what they are looking for and tailor the sales message to them.

Engaging with others online will also help you to target influencers in your field and if you are creating great content that is highly relevant and those influencers understand this, it can help build your brand and bring in new customers and leads.

Key features to support your outreach process

  • Competitive Link Analysis – piggyback off your competitors’ links
  • Link Referrals – which linking sites and which relationships are bringing you real site visitors and customers
  • Link Building – find and organize possible link partners, prioritize your outreach efforts using Majestic link metrics as well as social metrics to find authoritative sites with a real engaged user base

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